Coming in October! Dangerous Imagination Workbook

This is a follow-up expansion to the original text of Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation…specifically the territory covered by activist, teacher and journalist Cara St.Louis. Cara was a producer at The People’s Voice TV, a contributing editor at Veteran’s Today, a novelist (Consolata’s Companion) and activist esoteric researcher ( The Sun Thief). Her work has been translated into German and Spanish. There is so much more to the social engineering and cultural implosion of the 20th Century, which Cara calls the Stolen Century. Would it surprise you to find that there is every likelihood a false 1000 years of history has been inserted into our timneline to justify royal expansionism? How about the unseen elements working for us, reawakened to take on the threat to Sophia. Must read follow up! People who have asked for pre-order:

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Cara St.Louis


Agnihotra Fire ceremonies of the vedic tradition, a simple technique for promoting the health of the earth. agniculture as a device to change the toxic conditions of our planet. The […]

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