Scientists Addicted to Psychedelic Exploration

  (Four Drug Culture Visions: Part 3) …by Jerome Putnam After the unjust prohibition on international, psychedelic research (from 1970 into the 1990s), the climate is back to optimistic again. […]

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Four Drug Culture Visions

The term ‘drug’ triggers fear in many people. No one wants to end up as a drug addict. However, if we take a look at so-called psychedelic (“soul-manifesting”) or ethogenic (“generating the divine within”) catalysts, we can easiloy exhume a rich and ancient history reaching back several thousands of years that have only been “recently” buried by monotheistic or modern materialistic ideologies. We will now try to get a glimpse back into the ancient spiritual partnership that tribal communities have been cultivating with healing “Teacher Plants.”

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