A Quick Rant: Zoochosis

‘Zoochosis’ will bring you the whole picture of how animals experience living in a stressful and unnatural environment, and how it effects their mental and natural life.

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Animal Welfare

Premiere: Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

My name is Cara St.Louis and this is my show. Conversations with some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. You will be seeing it as an acquisition elsewhere later. Please feel free to share. I bring you World Class Illustrator and Writer, Bridget Marzot and World-Renowned Jazz Artist and philosopher, Gilad Atzmon. From March of this year. Enjoy!

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Cara St.Louis, Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers, Gilad Atzmon

EU to Go for Broke Over Russia Sanctions

…Jim Dean for Press TV Anti-Russia sanctions are sure to backfire on Europe by further deepening the ongoing economic crisis in EU, a political analyst says. Sun Aug 31, 2014 […]

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Mary Rodwell and Maria Wheatley: Bases International

…by Cara St.Louis   Part Three Mary Rodwell As Saturday continued, we were met next by Mary Rodwell from Australia.  In her words, she is a counsellor, a hypno-therapist, a […]

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A Quick Rant:Plants Can ‘Talk’ To Each Other by Clicking Their Roots

Watch what you say around your houseplants — they can probably hear you, and they might even be talking about you.

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Environment, health, Raising Vibration-Waking Up, Sacred, seeds, self-sufficiency

“Brain-Chip” Implant in the Brain of Magnus Olsson

Originally posted on Vortex: Conscious and Courageous:
A successful businessman visits the nearest hospital after an anxiety attack. He is sedated and wakes up as a different person. His life…

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Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu, A Blueprint for Human Prosperity


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Michael Tellinger

Benjamin Fulford . Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

Benjamin Fulford: love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.

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benjamin fulford

A Quick Rant: Light-hearted Medieval Comics

I’m the last one to devalue the potential and transmission of the symbolique. Feel free to comment with the true interpretations of the images. However, this is just for a […]

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The Intelligent Plant: What is Life?

In the early to mid-twentieth century, behaviourists defined what it is to be alive. It was that effort, primarily that led by B.F. Skinner, that devalued human life enough to allow the century to be stolen, to allow us to be seen as herds of barely functional cattle. It is therefore with some delight that I reproduce this article, from one of the most widely read magazines in the US, which revisits what it is to be alive. The men who wrote the book, The Secret Life of Plants, had strong ties to the CIA and one always has to ask why now? Sometimes it’s a matter of finding a place to park the Truth so the Lie can live. Principles of Magic, so to speak. Editor

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A Quick Rant: Dutch Academic Apologizes to Putin on Behalf of his Country

reblogged from Pepe Escobar.   OPEN LETTER BY THE CREME DE LA CREME OF DUTCH INTELLECTUALS. Dear Mr. President Putin, Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many […]

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Holland, Pepe Escobar, Putin

50 Gründe warum wir das Schlimmste von Fukushima zu erwarten haben

Wenn man inzwischen erfährt, das die japanische Regierung einen neuen Straftatbestand definiert hat, der jede private Initiative zur Messung der Strahlenfracht im Lande, oder jegliche Kritik an den Konzernen und der Regierung über Fukushima, mit maximal 10 Jahren Gefängnis belegt, dann wundert man sich, ob die Zeit nicht um 80 Jahre zurück gedreht wurde.

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