Cosmic Intelligence Agency: Part One

What is consciousness and it’s complement, awareness? Most people define consciousness as being aware but this is an over-simplification of the physics. Consciousness is the aether of infinite expression…infinite intelligence itself. This infinite intelligence called consciousness uses the fluid ebb and flow of vibrating ranges of awareness to create closed-system feedback loops of all variable, nested in a synchronistic infinite fractal of concentric connections. This alive being (infinite intelligence, which is the consciousness of every manifested form) is The Source.

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Ram Dass vs. Timothy Leary

Reintegrating the Psychedelic Past. by Jerome Putnam Who is Ram Dass, formerly known as Richard Alpert? He was first known as the research partner of Timothy Leary at Harvard University. […]

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Political Correctness and The Mark of the Beast

This is a time of darkness and an intensification of darkness, as the rampant perversity of materialism becomes preeminent over all things human and spiritual. There are a multitude of horrors that one can point to as being significant in the mix but there is one horror that is greater and more pernicious than all of the others and that is the force of Political Correctness.

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