Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation:American Pentagon Sites

Architectural shape and design featured strongly in the prehistoric design of ancient sites. We are all familiar with the pyramid structures of Egypt and South America and the distinctive megalithic stone circles of Europe. Yet what monumental design featured in North America? During my research into ancient American sites, I noted several extraordinary monuments once adorned the state of Wisconsin in the U.S.A. Furthermore, they were regarded as the holiest type of structure of Native tradition, although not claimed to be built by them. Remarkably, their characteristic pentagon shape appears to have inspired the modern-day military Pentagon. Taken from Maria’s latest book Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation available from

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Mary Rodwell and Maria Wheatley: Bases International

…by Cara St.Louis   Part Three Mary Rodwell As Saturday continued, we were met next by Mary Rodwell from Australia.  In her words, she is a counsellor, a hypno-therapist, a […]

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Bases International Conference: Humanity We Are Changing

Sarah Goodley speaks about Epigenetics; Mirjam Janse on Healing, Even the Audience; Mary Rodwell talked about Awakening the New Human and Maria Wheatley, From Atlantis to Stonehenge. Part Two of Three.

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Power Centres…

Prehistoric geomancers located various types of ley lines and earth energies and sited standing stones, pyramids, and temple compounds upon them. Imbued with the living power of the Earth, sacred sites constructed millennia ago still have a timeless quality that transcends cultural divides.

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