The CIA and Nonviolence

As a long time activist, I have always been puzzled (and frustrated) by the dogmatic attitude towards violence among American progressives. In European countries, the working class has organized itself into a militant anti-austerity movement, particularly in Spain, Greece and Italy. They smash windows, burn cars and corporate property, set up barricades and defend themselves against police brutality. In the US, in contrast, there is no cohesive austerity movement

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ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO Dirty Op

Details leaking out suggest that ISIS and the major military ‘surge’ in Iraq – and less so in neighboring Syria – is being shaped and controlled out of Langley, Virginia, and other CIA and Pentagon outposts as the next stage in spreading chaos in the world’s second-largest oil state, Iraq, as well as weakening the recent Syrian stabilization efforts.

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CIA, F. William Engdahl, History, Human Rights, Middle East, Politics, war

Chemtrailing and Ascension

In November, 2013, something strange crossed our horizon, hardly recognized as what it eventually might have been. First step; activists from the US reported chemtrailing has stopped. On the same days in Europe, chemtrailing took a week off, then resumed with slightly different patterns, showing more slopes from planes turning around close to the German-Polish border.

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