Benjamin Fulford . Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

Benjamin Fulford: love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.

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benjamin fulford

(Auf Deutsch) Nuclear Industry Cover Up of Massive Radiation from Fukushima

…by Joska Ramelow Nuclear Industry Cover Up of Massive Radiation from Fukushima by grtv Spread Professor Chris Busby’s message about Japan and the nuclear industry’s intentional coverup of Fukushima radioactive […]

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Deutsch, Fukushima, Japan, Joska Ramelow

Fukushima: Every Possibility So Far

Fukushima ‘Tabula Rasa straight out of Pandora’s box’ By Joska Ramelow Sitting here in the most magical and beautiful surrounding of the Golf of Morbihan in Southern Brittany, we try […]

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Fukushima, Joska Ramelow

Ukraine Coup Brings Russia and China Closer

Washington’s escalating military pressure against both Russia and China is bringing both Eurasian giants into close economic and even military cooperation. The latest indication of this is the signing in recent days of a mammoth natural gas agreement between Beijing and Moscow valued at $400 billion over the next 30-years. The agreement, signed after almost two decades of stalled negotiations, has major geopolitical implications.

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