Be Free

Is it all ‘set in stone’, or what we are up against. Leo Tolstoy once said that, ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat still remains a dictatorship’, a clear understanding that, […]

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The Earthly Quest for Edible Foodstuffs

In part one our alien friend Spokey was left sufficiently puzzled over man’s handling of his own food sources with many toxic end results for the consumer. How can the law makers in authority who have the food safety monitoring bodies and scientists in academia working to the ends of bringing no harm to the public, end up with increasingly opposing results? The puzzlement by now had reached an exponential growth rate in poor old Spokey’s head. He examined further examples of this and found the following…

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Spokey the Alien: Is this Food?

Having thrown my hat in the ring with an article on the safety of modern medicinals, a logical consequence is to look now at the first line of well being, namely, our everyday foods. The Chinese doctor Li Kao called it the first , and that is echoed around many systems of medical philosophy. Food is, apart from it’s material side, a matter of quality energy and thus, a matter of sanctity and a human right too.

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