The Earliest Recorded Direct Democracy

This is the first of four posts about experiments in direct democracy, where ordinary people assume responsibility for running society. The first, over 4,000 years old, is a recorded account of early Frisian society prior to the Roman conquest of Gaul in 52 BC. Imperial Rome dismissed the Frisians and other Germanic tribes as barbarians for the same reason Europeans dismissed Native Americans as savages: because they owned the land communally and rejected authoritarian governance.

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If We Were Making a Dictatorship…

…just what would that look like? (And don’t kid yourselves it’s just the USA).  Again, we usually do not post videos here in this space. I saw this this morning […]

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…von Christoph Hoerstel             PALÄSTINA-MASSAKER: Westmedien lügen beim Einatmen und beim Einschalten des Computers! Wenn Israel gegen Palästinenser loslegt, ist das NIEMALS KRIEG, IMMER ein […]

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Perché servono così tanti agenti del Mossad per assassinare con un cuscino un Palestinese?

…Gilad Atzmon AUTORE:  Gilad ATZMON ÌíáÇÏ ÃÊÒãæä íáÇÏ ÂÊÒãæä Tradotto da  Curzio Bettio Mentre in Gran Bretagna, Francia, USA ed Argentina il Mossad può godere localmente dell’appoggio di migliaia di Sayanim, ebrei […]

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Political Correctness and The Mark of the Beast

This is a time of darkness and an intensification of darkness, as the rampant perversity of materialism becomes preeminent over all things human and spiritual. There are a multitude of horrors that one can point to as being significant in the mix but there is one horror that is greater and more pernicious than all of the others and that is the force of Political Correctness.

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