Come on in…but, please, remove your shoes.

Welcome to Vortex: Conscious and Courageous Magazine. 

Here we speak Truth.

We leave Weaponized Political Correctness at the door. 

We allow the edges of the envelope to be as wide as the galaxy when necessary and as narrow as a slender, white string when appropriate. 

Discussion is encouraged…mandatory even…and will balance both respect for each other’s opinion and heart-mind as well as the occasional bonfire of a new idea. 

Often the ideas are ancient and buried.  We live in the times of revelation, no matter how uncomfortable that is. 

Set the truth free and it will fight for itself? Sure. In this place, the truth is set free. The truth is honored.  The truth is recognized as most often the very opposite of the world of lies and sorcerer’s illusions in which we live.

What’s more? We require ZERO blessing from either the mainstream media or the traditional gatekeepers of so-called journalism. We reject these contrivances and false constructs from this point forward.  Vortex is meant to be ecclectic and free.

Many viewpoints and voices will be actively sought and welcomed so as to provide a solid foundation, not a wobbly structure always on the verge of toppling over.  This is not a ‘selfie’ for the New Age Movement nor is it a slick but cartoonish version of some mainstrem news outlet.

Welcome, traveller, but leave your shoes at the door.  Wear only who you are and  what you bring as such across this threshhold.

Take 'em off and leave them outside. They'll be waiting for you when you go on your way.

Take ’em off and leave them outside. They’ll be waiting for you when you go on your way.


3 responses to “Come on in…but, please, remove your shoes.

  1. To follow up your comment in your interview with Miles Johnston in Bases 45, Part 3 (Youtube) you mentioned a slavic lady who is bringing the work of Anatoly Fomenko into prominence (new chronology) in connection with the interference with the calendar whereby we may have “lost” 1000 years. I think you might mean Sylvie Iwanova who has a site: which is amazing. She also uses remote viewing in her research.


  2. Enjoying Workbook 1 on lost history& have found a connection in the work of the “Forensic Historians” Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. They have 8 books on the real King Arthurs (2 of them), the ancient Coelbran alphabet which relates to the hieroglyphs, and the comet of 562 AD which swept through the British Isles creating a wasteland. Many who survived ended up in Kentucky where there are traces of the second Arthur and his son Madoc around 600 AD.


  3. Yes I like his wor as well. I would love to see what they culled from Wales in the 20s. Howver, and this is a big however, he often uses Josephus as a reference. Joseophus Scaligerius is the Jesuit who started corrupting the timeline. Of course, historians for the most part do not realize…


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