Return of the Titans: Black Sun Rising 66 part 1

  By Jack Heart   This was found in a burial mound at Sayre Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1888. Outside of the horns and being over 7’ tall it’s completely […]

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Tiny Monsters, Human Devils & a Poison Park (Water Wars 2.0)

…by Jack Heart originally published in Veteran’s Today   Tiny Monsters, Human Devils & a Poison Park (Water Wars 2.0)   … by  Jack Heart The Sun Rising Over Robert […]

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Water wars 2.0 Alaric sacks Ohio! Or was it ALEC?

In the first days of August this year the tap water for half a million people in and around the Toledo, Ohio area contained almost three parts microcystin per billion (1). The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking water has no more than one part per billion. Microcystin is a neurotoxin fatal to animals and capable of laying waste to entire ecosystems.

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Exerpt from Jack Heart, Author of The Swastika and the Black Madonna

This is the first chapter of Jack Heart’s new book. Probably should come with a must be 18 to read…he is the contributor of The Swastika and the Black Madonna, one of the most popular articles we have published.

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Musings on The Sun Thief; a novel by Cara St Louis

We live in times where fiction masquerades as facts so why not facts as fiction? Americans can ignore Cara St. Louis’s fictional novel The Sun Thief at their own peril. They can wait for their briefing from the National Security Agency or a memo from the Department of Defense but I seriously doubt whether anyone’s going to interrupt Dancing with the Stars. Somewhere above in a plaid patchwork of pale grays and sickly blue’s the epitaph of the human soul may be written in a vapor trail.

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The Black Madonna and the Swastika

Darkness has reigned for millennia but at the beginning of the twentieth century preparations for a new aeon and a return of the gods of light were made. Man has witnessed two world wars in the ensuing years. The ancient Egyptians believed there must be three great battles between Horus the Avenger and Set the God of the Old Testament and the murderer of Horus’s father Osiris the God of light.

National Socialism is not what the British Empire has sold to the world as the Nazis but rather the vanguard of a brand new world, the birth pains of a new man who must kill an old god to exist. National Socialism was never really defeated and its assets, its blend of Magick and technology became what have been called a breakaway civilization. It could very well be called a civilization within a civilization. Events all over the world seem to herald the coming of a third and decisive conflict. A Fourth Reich is inevitable the only question now is who will live to see it.

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