Russian Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine Reaches Donetsk, Luhansk – Ministry

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia’s 14th humanitarian aid convoy to Donbas has arrived in Donetsk and Luhansk, an Emergencies Ministry official said Sunday.

“More than 90 vehicles, carrying more than 900 tons of humanitarian aid, have arrived in Donetsk,” said Oleg Voronov, deputy chief of the crisis management center with the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, adding that “more than 80 vehicles delivered more than 900 tons of humanitarian aid to Luhansk.”

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Bernard-Henri Lévy et l’inversion accusatoire juive

C’est assez facile de remarquer que l’une des tactiques juives les plus utilisées- en particulier chez les sayanim comme Bernard-Henri Lévy – est le concept peu connu d’’inversion accusatoire [1], consistant à transférer en permanence vos propres symptômes sur le comportement de quelqu’un d’autre. Le dernier article de BHL dans le New York Times [2] n’est rien d’autre qu’une belle occasion de saisir cette méthodique chutzpah…

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777 – Biochemical Attack Theory

Passengers already dead at takeoff. The picture alternative media is drawing from the MH17 incident is getting more and more bizarre. According to first hand information of Ukrainians that got to the site first, the plane was loaded with corpses that were drained of blood and that obviously were already dead for quite some time.. people found countless packets of blood serum littering the wreckage site. Why?

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