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I’m Okay with This, Actually.

I wonder if 1948 is a big enough number to excuse this kind of psychopathy?

Study on Sarcasm, Like You Care.

Texas Closes Its Border with Mexico

British Rights and Protections Go Unclaimed

Another One Bites the Dust.

False Flag? Sorry Tavi. The jig is up on the propaganda routine.  (But, hey, it’s worked since pre-WWI.  Don’t feel too bad).

$93 billion settlement awarded to West Virginia residents from Monsanto

When the Lie Becomes the Truth…we can say thanks, Tavi!

Grants to students to tweet pro-Israeli propaganda.

Plane down.

Please realize there are recipes for revolutions, etc.

SOS Amazonia

Mexico: The Zapatista struggle continues … Subcomandante Marcos ceases to exist …Galeano lives.

Martial Law in Thailand

Stop Hillary Clinton!

L Ron Hubbard’s Grandson Spills the Beans

Astrologische Analyse MH17

Bikes mean freedom, people.

Tent City USA…documentary

Go OZ!!! No carbon tax, thanks.

Who’s Behind It??? 777 Down.

777 Down.YES, the similarities are making it impossible for anyone anywhere to ignore..

The Great Obama State Giveaway


The World’s Unsold Cars…millions of them.

It Sooooo Didn’t Have To Be This Way.

France Says No to TAFTA?

Yes, the Times is always suspect but mostly in a why now way. The story is no doubt true.

Colour me shocked…not.

For Raju There Will Be No More Chains

Off-Shore Gas Fields and the Gaza

Israel Wants A War Film, Not A War.

More On That Which Must Be Stopped.

Sarkozy, le Falcon d’Afflelou et la coke !

Hey Australia! Haven’t You Even Got A Gurney…aka a Stretcher?

US Border with Mexico Will See A Stand Taken By Americans

UFOs over Chile (en Espanol)

Who’s Coming Across the Border?

Earth-like Planets Possible in Binary Star Systems. Can you say which star is our sun’s other half?  Did you realize we live in a binary system?

Pope Approves Exorcist Task Force

IMPORTANT. Isn’t Paraguay where the Fascist Bush family has bought hundreds of thousands of acres? This is no accident. Beware South America.

Every Accent Meryl Streep Ever Attempted….

1,000 Kids Under 10 Subject to Stop and Search in the UK

Fight Thatcher Day!

Woman Gives Birth Outside Primark

NYPD Cannibal Cop Conviction Overturned!

Gaza Explodes!

Denver Airport has a secret underground base? No way.  Having lived there at the time and for many years prior, I can tell you Denver had a perfectly good airport.  No one could figure it out. Mayor Federico Pena, however, was appointed Secy of Transportation when it was in the bag.

Facebook apologizes after being caught conducting psych experiments. Who didn’t know this?

Too mainstream? Maybe.

In this two minute video Bacevich says the question to ask is whether 30 years of America’s military invention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Somalia has resulted in more stability, democracy and improved relations with the US. “If the answer is yes, then let’s keep trying. But if the answer to those questions is no, then maybe it’s time for us to recognize that this larger military project is failing and is not going to succeed simply by trying harder.”

Unconventional Warfare The Political Destabilization Campaign Continues in Venezuela

British Forced to Import Sperm

We All Knew This, Right? (just making sure)

Russian Journalist Killed in E. Ukraine

ITEM: On Wednesday, at the International Bio Conference in San Diego, Hillary Clinton voiced her support for GMOs. Both her husband and daughter have Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that affects digestive and other body systems. Does this woman have her head so far into the sand that she is oblivious to what’s going on around her or is she so driven by $$$$ that she doesn’t give a hoot?

Dr. Robert Duncan, inventor, CIA whistleblower

Dr. Robert Duncan, inventor, CIA whistleblower


Secret Torture of Americans Confirmed

  From Australia. Gas and oil exploration off Kangaroo Island? kangisland

3 Used water cannons coming to terrorize London.   watercannons

The USA is panicked about getting WWIII started. Is this something to which they would resort?

Orthodox activists ‘confront’ Marilyn Manson band with eggs and holy water in Moscow.



CREVE COEUR, MISSOURI, June 30 — in a ground-breaking move, Monsanto, a multi-national biotechnology corporation, acquired rights to the sun in a 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision, led by Clarence Thomas, was hailed by Monsanto President and CEO Hugh Grant as “good news for food producers, food consumers, and the future of humanity.” Monsanto is known worldwide for its Roundup brand, an herbicide that works in conjunction with genetically engineered seeds. The decision allows solar energy used by Monsanto-crop farmland — including solar panels, wind turbines and the like — to be taxed at a rate of 10% per kilowatt hour. Approved in an unprecedented three months, the law will go into effect January 1, 2013. Companies, organizations and individuals currently using Roundup products will receive one free year of sunlight before the 10% tithe is active. According to the new regulation, any action to “store, reuse or redirect” sunlight will be a prosecutable offense unless authorized by Monsanto. Failure to comply with the law may result in a visit by Monsanto’s secretive “Watt” Police. Monsanto typically uses lawsuits or the threat of lawsuits to bring compliance. “We feed the world,” Grant says, “anyone caught stealing sunlight from us is stealing food from the mouths of millions.” Sunlight, which most life on earth relies on, provides warmth, photosynthesis for plant life, and is used widely on beaches. Opponents such as Greenpeace and “Sunshine for All,” a crowdsourced Facebook movement, vow to fight the ruling. “First they patent life, then they insert genes into our food supply, now they’re hijacking the sun. Monsanto seeks world domination and the Supreme Court is enabling them. Shame on you, Supreme Court,” says Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo.

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