Government PANIC at thought of Jews leaving UK

January 28, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon By Laura Stuart Do Muslims have a voice and is anybody listening? Recently Theresa May said that she never thought she would see […]

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Palestine: Who Will Speak for Me? Peter Zaza

Peter Zaza

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Palestine, Peter Zaza

Middle East Friendship Chart (In case you plan a holiday)

Gilad Atzmon at his most tongue-in-cheek! Enjoy!

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Premiere: Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

My name is Cara St.Louis and this is my show. Conversations with some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. You will be seeing it as an acquisition elsewhere later. Please feel free to share. I bring you World Class Illustrator and Writer, Bridget Marzot and World-Renowned Jazz Artist and philosopher, Gilad Atzmon. From March of this year. Enjoy!

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Cara St.Louis, Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers, Gilad Atzmon

Once A Humanist, Always A Humanist

Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 9:10AM Gilad Atzmon Reported by Gilad Atzmon Hank Zanoli has returned a medal awarded by Israel to non-Jews who protected Jewish people during the Holocaust, […]

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A Jew in Our Midst

A Jew In Our Midst Friday, August 1, 2014 at 2:02PM Gilad Atzmon Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following piece provides a window into the morbidity of a Jewish progressive mind. […]

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Teaser — Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

Interviews with amazing people by Cara St.Louis, coming very soon. In this episode? Bridget Marzot, Children’s Book Author and Illustrator and Gilad Atzmon, world-renowned jazz musician and philosopher. Coming soon…Sam Osmanogich, Maria Wheatley, Michael Tellinger, Klaus Dona, and so on….

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Israele, “luce fra le Nazioni”???!! No.

“Israele è la luce fra le nazioni” recita la Torah*. Infatti lo è, ma non proprio così come lo afferma la Torah. Israele supera tutti in molti comportamenti. Ad esempio, nel terrorizzare le popolazioni civili e nel praticare alcune delle tattiche omicide più devastanti nei confronti dei vecchi, delle donne e dei bambini.

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Israel As the Light….Still Appropriate, Alas…

‘Israel is the light onto the nations’ says the Torah*. Indeed it is, and not just because the Torah says so. Israel is ahead of everyone else in many fronts. Take for instance, terrorizing civilian populations and practicing some of the most devastating murderous tactics upon elders, women and young.

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Israel, Palestine, religion, Zionism

Eine Kleine Nacht Murder: Hur israeliska ledare mördar för att vinna sitt folks röster

Eine Kleine Nacht Murder: Hur israeliska ledare mördar för att vinna sitt folks röster…by Gilad Atzmon FÖRFATTARE:  Gilad ATZMON جيلاد أتزمون Översatt av  Kristoffer Larsson och granskad av Fausto Giudice För att […]

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Filter on the Roof (satire)

Following the IDF difficulties in defeating Hamas’s ballistic warfare, the Israeli Government is now urgently searching for contractors with some advanced experience in large scale reinforced concrete constructions. The mission ahead is the building of a solid concrete roof over the entire Jewish State. PM Netanyahu is determined that the only way to defend Israel’s populated area is to cover the Jewish State with a thick layer of iron and cement.

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Perché servono così tanti agenti del Mossad per assassinare con un cuscino un Palestinese?

…Gilad Atzmon AUTORE:  Gilad ATZMON ÌíáÇÏ ÃÊÒãæä íáÇÏ ÂÊÒãæä Tradotto da  Curzio Bettio Mentre in Gran Bretagna, Francia, USA ed Argentina il Mossad può godere localmente dell’appoggio di migliaia di Sayanim, ebrei […]

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