Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

Well done, VT. Well done, Sofia Smallstorm. Well done, Preston and Fetzer! Too bad VT contributions were utterly censored at The People’s Voice. Lots of great journalism (and some bullshit, just like everywhere else).

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Tampering and the Ancient Art of Self Defense

You could call it witness tampering, which is what it is. And if the jury had not hung itself, as I like to put it, and created a temporary lull in what may play out to be an even bigger deal than 9/11 and Sandy Hook, we would not have still another few months to potentially turn the tables … Those tables are very tough to budge but we can absolutely try, folks!

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The Butterfly Effect and The Insurance Business

Fortunately, this cycle takes place over millions of years, and only the most paranoid among us would actively fear such a disaster. Only the most paranoid among us… not so today! We have reason to suspect that the perps and their frequency toys like HAARP can cause disruption in the atmosphere, in the geological plates … and as a friend who knew HAARP-designer Bernard Eastlund himself told me, frequency-making platforms pepper the earth.

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