The Slow Food movement: A Two-Tier Ethic?

…by Romain Redouin   Born in Italy in 1989, under the leadership of Carlo Petrini, in order to fight against the fast-food-ization of society, Slow Food, an “international movement for […]

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Romain Redouin

Le Slow Food : Une éthique à deux vitesses ?

…by Romaine Redouin   Né en 1989 en Italie sous l’impulsion de Carlo Petrini dans le but de lutter contre la fastfoodisation de la société, le Slow Food, « mouvement international […]

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Francais, Romain Redouin

Spokey the Alien: Is this Food?

Having thrown my hat in the ring with an article on the safety of modern medicinals, a logical consequence is to look now at the first line of well being, namely, our everyday foods. The Chinese doctor Li Kao called it the first , and that is echoed around many systems of medical philosophy. Food is, apart from it’s material side, a matter of quality energy and thus, a matter of sanctity and a human right too.

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