Vortex: Conscious and Courageous was started by writer Cara St.Louis, initially as a response to a situation in which she had become part of an effort to create a global television station through which truths could be spread around the globe.  This effort failed, alas, and censorship, crippling ideological territory, and mainstream ambition were too difficult to fight off. However, it may be that is because of the medium of television.  That combined with the all-out assault on alternative media by political manipulators seeking to restore their propoganda supremacy makes the work tough.  One cannot waste time mourning these things at the moment.

Immediately, the possibilities of a group like this became clear.  It is part of the learning curve of breaking free of the electro-magnetic prison they have built around us. Executing an end run around, over, under…in any way we can.  They cannot plug all the holes if there are enough of them!!  It is often in the observation of mistakes that the right choices present themselves and so for that, Vortex can express deep appreciation as it comes into being. Namaste!




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  1. Revealing the truth is a worthy goal, but propagating fictions such as the so-called Hampstead abuse story undermines your credibility.


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