Mass Murder of Canadian Children Admitted

As the rest of the world continues to try to sort out endless wars, color revolutions, uprisings, economic disasters and a hundred other mind-numbingly regular red flag operations one man and the incredibly dedicated and courageous team he has fathered persist. They are largely unsung and certainly ignored by all except those who wish to stop them — shut them up before the truth is widely known.

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Christoph Hoerstel. Moskau verlangt Untersuchung:
UKRAINE – BÜRGERKRIEG: Setzt Kiew Chemiewaffen ein?
Vor gut zwei Wochen waren es Phosphorbomben, jetzt beklagt Slawjansk Opfer von Giftgasgranaten.

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Where is Malaysian Airlines MH370?

What really happened? It was shot down – not lost in the Southern Ocean as BBC’s Horizon programme says, claims aviation documentary maker and author Simon Ludgate.

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Samson et la 2ème Nakba – Brève étude de l’Hercule juif

      La tendance génocidaire et l’aspiration au suicide sont bel et bien là Samson et la 2ème Nakba – Brève étude de l’Hercule juif AUTEUR:  Gilad ATZMON جيلاد أتزمون […]

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Political Correctness and The Mark of the Beast

Originally posted on Vortex: Conscious and Courageous:
…by Les Visible This is a time of darkness and an intensification of darkness, as the rampant perversity of materialism becomes preeminent over…

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What is Humanistic Judaism (HuJews)?

Originally posted on Vortex: Conscious and Courageous:
 …by Gilad Atzmon   Humanistic Judaism (HuJews) is the latest attempt to portray Judaism as humanist and universalist in nature.  One may wonder,…

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Crossing Borders: Latin American Exiles in London

Sofia Buchuck is an oral historian, originally from Peru. She recently carried out an oral history project with Latin Americans in London. Here she talks about the experiences of Latin Americans in London since the 1970s, and how they have changed the capital.

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China in Gefahr — auf Deutsch

Der Autor F. William Engdahl vermittelt in einer Gesamtschau, die hegemonialen Bestrebungen der USA vis-a-vis China.
Neben den militärischen Vorgängen und Entwicklungen im pazifischen Raum, richtet Engdahl seine Aufmerksamkeit auch auf die Gebaren der Finanzbranche,
des globalen Agrobusiness mit seinen gentechnologischen Erpressungen,und der durch die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) unterstützten Gesundheitsinitiativen
der Pharmazeutischen Industrie, allesamt Dinge, die mit großen Risiken für die chinesische Bevölkerung einhergehen.

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Naked Transhumanism: Part One

Our children do not know that the way they feel is abnormal. They do not understand that the drugs they take, the neurological issues they struggle with, the depression, the chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeplessness, the chronic pain…none of these are ‘to be expected.’
They are all environmental. Every one of these dis-eases and so many more. They are attacks, deliberate assaults on us.

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The Black Madonna and the Swastika

Darkness has reigned for millennia but at the beginning of the twentieth century preparations for a new aeon and a return of the gods of light were made. Man has witnessed two world wars in the ensuing years. The ancient Egyptians believed there must be three great battles between Horus the Avenger and Set the God of the Old Testament and the murderer of Horus’s father Osiris the God of light.

National Socialism is not what the British Empire has sold to the world as the Nazis but rather the vanguard of a brand new world, the birth pains of a new man who must kill an old god to exist. National Socialism was never really defeated and its assets, its blend of Magick and technology became what have been called a breakaway civilization. It could very well be called a civilization within a civilization. Events all over the world seem to herald the coming of a third and decisive conflict. A Fourth Reich is inevitable the only question now is who will live to see it.

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The Butterfly Effect and The Insurance Business

Fortunately, this cycle takes place over millions of years, and only the most paranoid among us would actively fear such a disaster. Only the most paranoid among us… not so today! We have reason to suspect that the perps and their frequency toys like HAARP can cause disruption in the atmosphere, in the geological plates … and as a friend who knew HAARP-designer Bernard Eastlund himself told me, frequency-making platforms pepper the earth.

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Power Centres…

Prehistoric geomancers located various types of ley lines and earth energies and sited standing stones, pyramids, and temple compounds upon them. Imbued with the living power of the Earth, sacred sites constructed millennia ago still have a timeless quality that transcends cultural divides.

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