HAARP and Senator Susan Collins of Maine

Susan Collins respectfully checks in on both the existence of and current standing of…HAARP. I attended the 2012 GOP Maine convention as a delegate for Dr. Ron Paul (we won Maine, by the way). Collins gave a speech regarding potato farming that would have insulted the intelligence of a five year old.

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Aerosol War/Chemtrailing, HAARP

Naked Transhumanism: Part Two

When last I left you, I hope the basic understanding remaining was that we live in a resonant field — part of which is the atmosphere we move around in — and that this has been changed. Dramatically….Frankenstein’s Biology has arrived.

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The Butterfly Effect and The Insurance Business

Fortunately, this cycle takes place over millions of years, and only the most paranoid among us would actively fear such a disaster. Only the most paranoid among us… not so today! We have reason to suspect that the perps and their frequency toys like HAARP can cause disruption in the atmosphere, in the geological plates … and as a friend who knew HAARP-designer Bernard Eastlund himself told me, frequency-making platforms pepper the earth.

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