For the price of a rubber grey alien doll…


Dear Patrons and Awakening Ones, The time has come to say goodbye to teaching, mostly as a result of the fallout from my activist work. Did you realize people lose thier jobs over this stuff? Just a few weeks hence, I will embark on a purely activist and writerly role, as I have decided is my calling. In the meantime, the lectures and workshops planned for California are on my mind as are the workshops online, the new book, and the lectures in England. As I have said it takes a bit of dosh.

I have never pretended to be abducted by aliens or an ex-CIA operative or any of those things that bring the big bucks and the backers. I won’t be anything but what I am and my research is pure. There is an alien seed race involved bugt I refuse to sex it up to get followers. It is EXCITING and GROUNDBREAKING as is. However, we are all so used to the glossy cartoon-like scenario complete with an MTV hard-driving music background.

I lay awake at night sometimes wondering at the millions people are willing to burn on bullshit and having to beg for a dollar here and a pound there and I try hard not to despair. But despair I SHALL NOT. Can we please see if we can come up with enough capital to make the Northern California workshop/lecture possible? For much less than the price of a rubber ET Grey alien replica or a bumper sticker proclaiming one’s attendance at some conference, we can support the earnest research everyone steals. Please help get this year on its feet. I thank you.