The Ceaseless Torment of a Vigilant Public

At the end of the day what we have in the “Conspiracy theory/ist” label is a psychological warfare weapon that has from the perspective of its creators been overwhelmingly effective. Here is a set of words that is used to threaten, discipline and punish the intellectual class—mainly journalists and academics—who might question or otherwise refuse to tow the party line. Using the term to designate pedestrian skeptics and researchers is redundant. After all, as Orwell said, “The proles don’t count.”

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A Quick Rant: US and Israel Quietly Break Up Iraq

While the world is distracted with Israeli atrocities in Gaza, the US and Israel are quietly breaking up Iraq. According to Reuters UK, a federal court in Texas has ordered US Marshals to seize a $100 million cargo of Kurdish oil on a tanker off the coast of Galveston, Texas – but only if the tanker enters US territorial waters.

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A Quick Rant: Is the Root of Evil the Psychopathic Mind?

Psychopaths enjoy a perverse advantage over normal people in ascending pyramids of power. Unfettered by conscience, empathy, morality…some might say, without the weight of a soul, psychopaths readily rise to the top in a society turned upside down by pathocracy. Lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing – without remorse, psychopaths can claw for power in ways that make a person with a conscience recoil.

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A Quick Rant: Munich Opera Festival 2014

This year the Munich Opera Festival or Münchner Opernfestspiele had splendid offerings. There were remarkable and ground-breaking opera premieres alongside the eternal, never-aging productions from the Bayerische Staatsoper or Bavarian State Opera repertoire, together with exceptional vocal recitals. Premieres included Rossini’s Guillaume Tell, Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo and Verdi’s La forza del destino.

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Isabel del Rio, Opera, SLAP

Влажность смертности на Pinball Planet

Среда, 30 июля 2014 Собака Поэт Передача ……. Пусть ваши носы всегда быть холодно и мокро. Я только что узнал, что в день моего несчастного случая, один из великих людей […]

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Visible Origami/The Humidity of Mortality on Pinball Planet

However, it is one of those secret laws of existence that in any operation there has to be at least one major dick, so demonstrating for whatever the purpose of that would be.

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Les Visible, Putin

Jo Conrad on Homosexuality — in English

Jo Conrad via his Free Spirits TV program talks candidly about understanding homosexuality. Interview by Dagmar Neubronner.

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Wall Street Journal Interviews Christoph Hörstel (auf Deutsch)

Published on 29 Jul 2014 Am 25. Juli 2014 erhielt ich einen Anruf des Berliner WSJ-Mitarbeiters Anton Troianovski. Er erklärte, er wolle eine Geschichte schreiben über den Start von Russia […]

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Christoph Hoerstel, Deutsch, Germany, RT, VIDEO INTERVIEW

Teaser — Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

Interviews with amazing people by Cara St.Louis, coming very soon. In this episode? Bridget Marzot, Children’s Book Author and Illustrator and Gilad Atzmon, world-renowned jazz musician and philosopher. Coming soon…Sam Osmanogich, Maria Wheatley, Michael Tellinger, Klaus Dona, and so on….

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Cara St.Louis, Extraordinary Writers, Gilad Atzmon

100k March in London in Palestinian Solidarity

That support is growing fast — and public opinion is leaving the politicians and traditional media, still stuck in their backing for the colonizer, Israel, far behind.

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Gaza, London, Palestine

Bernard-Henri Lévy et l’inversion accusatoire juive

C’est assez facile de remarquer que l’une des tactiques juives les plus utilisées- en particulier chez les sayanim comme Bernard-Henri Lévy – est le concept peu connu d’’inversion accusatoire [1], consistant à transférer en permanence vos propres symptômes sur le comportement de quelqu’un d’autre. Le dernier article de BHL dans le New York Times [2] n’est rien d’autre qu’une belle occasion de saisir cette méthodique chutzpah…

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Shocking Analysis of the ‘Shooting Down’ of Malaysian MH17

By Peter Haisenko. Original article in German. (Translation Sophiyama, London) The tragedy of Malaysian MH 017 continues to elude any light of clarity being cast over it. The flight recorders are in England and are evaluated. What can come of it? Maybe more than you would assume. Especially the voice recorder will be interesting when you look at the picture of a cockpit fragment. As an expert in aviation I closely looked at the images of the wreckage that are circulating on the Internet.

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Joska Ramelow, MH17, Putin, Ukraine