Alle macht geht vom Volke aus? Michael Frederich Vogt

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Weekly included plus all-time as follows:
The Dangerous Imagination: Book Excerpt
Shocking Analysis of the ‘Shooting Down’ of Malaysian MH17
777 – The Black Swan? Breaking News
Masaru Emoto has Passed Away
The Black Madonna and the Swastika
Kriegshetze in den Medien, Jo Conrad
Power Centres…
MH17 — All Questions and No Answers
Chemtrailing and Ascension
MH17 Citizen Inquiry – Photographic Evidence

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Violence Against Children: UN Gets it Wrong

Unfortunately, the UN Report does not identify the fundamental cause of violence. Hence, its recommendations, which obviously cannot and do not include addressing this cause, are effectively useless and this report will have as much impact as previous official attempts to reduce violence in our world. Given that human violence now has us on the brink of precipitating our own extinction, it is time we faced the truth and responded meaningfully.

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Take Our Planet Back! Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation Available on Kindle or Paperback

Razor’s Edge data and analysis…it is a no excuses book. Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation by Cara St.Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella is being placed into pre-order status on Kindle. Humanity’s most powerful weapon is that which has been under brutal siege: The Imagination. Several chapters have been published here on Vortex as previews in the last few months and have been read widely. The excerpts have received stellar reviews. Reserve your copy on Kindle if that is your preferred method of reading. Let’s move to the next level and take our planet back. Pre.order available now at The Kindle Store at amazon.

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