Fire ceremonies of the vedic tradition, a simple technique for promoting the health of the earth. agniculture as a device to change the toxic conditions of our planet.

The challenge:

Recently the Austrian environmental activist Prof. Dr. Claudia von Werlhof mentioned in an interview that the cumulative effects of atmospheric nuclear bomb tests since the late 1950’s numbering in the thousands are one of the major causes to have damaged the health of the atmospheric membrane stretched like a protective layer of skin around our beautiful blue planet earth. In i’s toroidal swirls it dances in spirals through cosmic space and gnerates the energy that showers an abundance of life on us, it’s spirited passengers and all other flora and fauna. Dr, von Werlhof went on to point out that with todays’ HAARP technology and the latest Geo-engineering practises the powers that be have managed to produce a more or less synthetic climate one of whose consequences is it’s stressed weather patterns with many tipping points for a variety of life forms appearing on the stage of the human drama. Into the bargain, the powers that be instrumentalise the major media outlets to point fingers of blame on us poor earthlings for all this mess. Indeed, humans are becoming too sedentary, drive too much in their cars when they could walk or get on their bicycles, but that is only half of the story. When one asks the question ‘Qui bono’, who benefits, then it becomes clear that the big bucks for the price of this CC-soft drink lifestyle ends up in the pockets of the same ‘movers and shakers’ that often love to point the fingers of blame. We are now blessed with Wifi and microwave, Elf, Vlf, Ulf and whatever might jump out of the box of technology of remote sending of complex messages globally at an isntant. Dr. Klinghardt of Seattle, a tireless researcher of technical pollution and it’s effects on human bodies recently stated that an unprotected body in a Wifi field has 147 enzyme systems switched off at an instance. We know that the spraying of aerosols brings down massive amounts of aluminium nano-particles as has been analysed by one government appointed Swiss laboratory in the year 2013 when a bunch of final grade students at a high school initiated this request as part of their final piece of research in their chemistry module. After initial rejection of this request they ended up confirming what many activists around the world have been saying all along including Clifford Carnicom and his Institute in Santa Fe New Mexico. ( The earth has been sprayed with many highly toxic aerosols for a long time now and this does in part be due to an excess of gamma radiation from the sun, since the atmospheric membrane has suffered an inordinate amount of damage. Research facilities up and down the countries have been set up to monitor it’s effects and academic heavyweights Dr. David Keith sit centre stage to sell the idea that these spraying actions are necessary, but are not done yet. Prof. von Werlhof, with her extensive track record of research, counters this position by outlining the fact that when the atmospheric nuclear bombtests began no one could say what the consequences of this brutal technology would be. Likewise the introduction of the civil nuclear program with by now over 450 ageing, sclerosing atomic power plants worldwide which tick away like potential time bombs with no plan B in place, does not inspire much confidence in the work of the fixers. Since Three Mile Island , Chenrobyl and the open radiating sewers of Fukushima we know that the lies of the nuclear Industry come with extremely short half lifes. ( ) We were being assured in the 1970’s that nuclear energy was infinite, environmentally absolutely clean and safe for a hundred thousand years…we should not worry! Wilhelm Reich termed the stress effects caused by nuclear technology in all it’s facets ‘DOR’ or deadly Orgon….Orgon just happens to be another term for a very old concept of life force which was known to our forbears as ‘Vis vitalis’, Prana in india, or Qi/Ki energy in South East Asia. Everyday the open caesium, uranium and plutonium sewers of Fukushima are pumping over 300 tons of contaminated water into the Pacific with no end in sight. The marine population of the Alaskan/Californian coastline is by now suffering a near collapse into the bargain. Thousands of children in the Fukushima prefecture are now diagnosed with what looks like thyroid cancer, but the Japanese doctors are by law restricted to state this openly and refer in their diagnosis to ‘idiosyncratic nodes’.

In a 1990 speech in Oslo, Norway, Dr. Rosalie Bertell noted that radiation increases susceptibility to “many different diseases, including weakened immune systems, congenital defects, miscarriages, long-term chronic diseases, genetic mutation (hence on-going damage of and degradation to the gene-pool (i.e. the future)), as well as leukemia and other blood diseases.”

Dr. Bertell’s second ground-breaking book, “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War” was published in 2000. This book brilliantly documents the hidden and lethal military agendas of vast harm with new generations of super-weapons, such as HAARP [High Frequency active Auroral Research Program]. With more than 25 such arrays around the planet (including at least one mobile unit that was seen docked in Seattle last year), our entire planet and all its inhabitants are uninformed experimental lab “rats” for military harm. There has never been any public discussion about these fatal programs of geo-engineered weather modification.

An observer of this scene must come away with an ominous feeling about this multi layered assault on our home by this attitude of wilful ignorance.

‘Quo vadis’, mankind?

The question becomes everr more pressing for us is there hope to recover this very delicate membrane which has been badly damaged? It is odd though that the thought for our environment has been deeply implanted in us by formidable campaigners and their ambassadors, such as the Al Gores of this world, but isn’t it strange that many environmentally concerned people never look at these phenomenal challenges as described above? Whether it is fear or wilful ignorance that only allows for this myopic view of these life destroying influences with genocidal proportions on this planet today is a matter of debate. However, when one looks at these life threatening corrosive conditions one also stumbles across ever more practical solutions to this immense challenge which has begun resurrecting an outlook of hope for a better tomorrow on the basis of practises that are already taking place in small pockets globally everyday. These are designed to ensure that mankind will be able to engineer life sustaining conditions as opposed to the death culture engulfing us on every level of our present day existence.

Interestingly it is not the usual swaggering testosterone charged mind set with it’s high technology paradigm of engines based on explosive combustion processes but but a combination of modern soft core technologies resting on to Tesla’s, Reich’s and Schauberger’s discoveries who all doscovered ways of tapping into forces wihtin the etheric field as it is understood by Quantum physics today. This is by now means new to mankind, since some of these techniqus reach back over millenia the oldest of which is to be found described in the Vedic scriptures. There, we also find accounts of flying machines (Vimanas) and many techniques based on chants and mantras such as the Agnihotra fire ceremony which provides many valuable remedies that can definitely neutralize and enhance the toxic living environment, to bring back a more natural flow of life processes. Adieu to genetically engineered aluminium resistant strains of wheat or rice for that matter.

Academia and Agnihotra

The activists of Homa therapy describe the effects of the Agnihotra fire ceremony on simple water, air and soil as follows:

Agnihotra is a special fire performed exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset in a copper pyramid. It comes from ancient Vedic Knowledge. Agnihotra is said to purify the environment and especially it has been found to have profound impact in mitigating water pollution problem. The present study shows that water will be purified if it is kept in a room where Agnihotra is regularly performed. Water purification also happens if water bottles are kept inside a Faraday Cage in the Agnihotra room. These results suggest that Agnihotra creates an energy field beyond the electromagnetic field which has profound impact.

“What is this energy, if it is not electromagnetic?”

The paper describing this experiment in detail has now been published in the peer-reviewed Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Vol. 1 (1), January 2015, pp. 63-68.
(Now also available in Spanish)

The Department of Biotechnology, Fergusson College, Pune, Maharashtra, India

writes the following in their abstract presenting their rigorous study of water air and soil with Agnihotra:

Agnihotra is a type of sacrifice, which consists of making four offerings per day, two at sunrise and

two at sunset of brown rice mixed with cow ghee to the fire, accompanied by chanting of mantras. Though Agnihotra is a Vedic ritual, it has scientific background and therefore we studied the effects of Agnihotra and its ash on the environment and plant growth. Experiments were performed to study the effects of Agnihotra fumes on microbial load, SOx and NOx levels in ambient air and plant growth. Experiments were also conducted to check the effects of Agnihotra ash on seed germination, plant growth, plant genotoxicity and water purification. From the study it was observed that Agnihotraresulted in reduction in microbial load and SOx levels but slight increase in NOx levels in surrounding air. There was significant increase in seed germination and plant growth as well as genotoxicity was neutralized due to Agnihotra ash. Our results suggest that Agnihotra ash can be to purify waste water. It can be seen that Agnihotra is beneficial for environment and agriculture.

Agnihotra and people

Drug Addiction

(Ref.  Lt.Col.G.R. Golechha, Sr.Adviser, Psychiatry, Indian Army, His paper Published in ‘Indian Journal of Psychiatry’ 1987, 29 (3), pp 247 – 252 – titled ‘Agnihotra useful Adjunct in treatment of Resistant and Demotivated Smack Addict’)

‘An Officer of 25 years age who has been a polydrug abuser in the past was selected for the study. He was addicted to Heroin for 2 years, other drugs included Alcohol, Cocaine,Cannabis and smoking. His dosage schedule of heroin had already reached 3 grams a day.

He was further followed up for 15 months. After close scrutiny it was confirmed that there was no recurrence. All the psycho-therapeutic advances fall short in deaddicting a demotivated addict. Agnihotra is a new hope in this field.

Alcohol Addiction

(Again a study was conducted by Lt. Col. G. R. Golechha at Military Hospital, Kirkee. His paper titled ‘Agnihotra in the treatment of Alcoholism’ was presented by him at the 41st Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Association held at Cuttack in January, 1989).

It appears to be an useful adjunct in treatment of alcoholism, if performed regularly.

Agnihotra and the environment

Effects on Microbial Count

Dr. A.G. Mondkar, Practising Microbiologist from Bombay has conducted experiments to study the effect of Agnihotra atmosphere on bacterial population.

Further, Dr. Mondkar studied Bioenergetic system of individual micro-organisms. He concluded that Agnihotra plays a pivotal role in controlling metabolic activity of micro-organisms.

In yet another interesting experiment Dr. Mondkar observed therapeutic effect of Agnihotra ash in Rabbits. He has successfully treated scabies in Rabbits with Agnihotra ash application. Normally Benzyl Benzoate is used and takes 5-6 days to heal the scabies whereas  it was observed that a single application of Agnihotra ash Ointment cured the scabies in 3 days only and that too without the anxiety of poisoning  as may happen with Benzyl Benzoate.

Dr. B.R.Gupta, Associate Professor, Microbiology, CSA University of Agriculture, Kanpur has conducted experiments on effects of Agnihotra on plate count of Aerial bacterial flora. He has found that in human residence where no Agnihotra was performed the bacterial colony count was 123 as against in the human residence where Agnihotra was done regularly the bacterial colony count was as low as a mere 25.


Particularly effective results with respect to elimination or reduction in Radio activity were achieved through Agnihotra fire and ash. This observation is made after using PSI skills. A paper by L.Matela, Antoninkowska, Poland states that every couple of hours radio activity in atmosphere and drinking water was measured by radiasthetics in Bialystok, Poland. Two weeks later these measurements were compared with official data of International Atomic Energy Agency and they concurred with each other to a great extent. The author of this report has further tested the effectiveness of Agnihotra under conditions of higher gamma doses output. The soil radio activity was reduced by sprinkling it with water solution of Agnihotra Ash.

Final words

Agnihotra fire ceremony requires organic cow dung, from cows whose horns are not cropped off (this keeps their digestive systems intact), it requires Ghee or butterfat from the same cows and an upturned stepped copper pyramid in which the fire ceremony is performed plus a jar and spoon for reloading the fat into the fire.

Then enter om stage the activating players The main part is played by the rising and setting sun, ‘sole’, the source, the spiritual fire in our planetary system and within. He appears twice on stage every day.

The most powerful supporting part is taken by the human, us, the reflectors and living resonators to the signal from the sun. The human has to chant certain mantras that resonate throughout our own inner world of swirling blood and body fluids and resonate with the plasmatic tidal photon waves that follow the rising and setting sun.

1. Sunrise chant:

Suryaya Swaha Suryaya Idan Na mama
Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idan Na mama

2. Sunset chant:

Agnaye Swaha Agnaye Idan Na mama
Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idan Na mama

When all these elements are in place and activated it begins to built a froce field that grows and expands with every new day it is practised. This is how everyone who lkes to get up with the sun can do a big service for the world around them. The crews that do whether work in and around the world have found when they use Agnihotra in conjunction with atmospheric cleaning/balancing devices these soft core technologies are a hundred times more effective than on it’s own. More of these in another article to follow.

For more information on Agnihotra: