The Birthing of Conscious Manifestation: Zero Point Energy

This is the last point where the former choice expresses as a grand finale in which you must NOT get discouraged like a penis experiencing impotence at the climax. Instead you must see this challenge as the final test to ensure you are ripe for your new reality and not still clinging to the old. As soon as you realize the echo of your old ways has hit, REJOICE, DANCE, SING THANKS, and KNOW that your new choice of being will move you through this eye of the needle… this cervix of life to a new state of being.

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Four Drug Culture Visions

The term ‘drug’ triggers fear in many people. No one wants to end up as a drug addict. However, if we take a look at so-called psychedelic (“soul-manifesting”) or ethogenic (“generating the divine within”) catalysts, we can easiloy exhume a rich and ancient history reaching back several thousands of years that have only been “recently” buried by monotheistic or modern materialistic ideologies. We will now try to get a glimpse back into the ancient spiritual partnership that tribal communities have been cultivating with healing “Teacher Plants.”

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Power Centres…

Prehistoric geomancers located various types of ley lines and earth energies and sited standing stones, pyramids, and temple compounds upon them. Imbued with the living power of the Earth, sacred sites constructed millennia ago still have a timeless quality that transcends cultural divides.

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