Coming in October! Dangerous Imagination Workbook

by Cara St.Louis

A new offering from Cara St.Louis: an expansion of the first work on social engineering and the attempted cultural implosion of the west, including a missing thousand years of history; Kali and the connection to CERN; How human beings really sustain themselves and the lie of life feeding on life; how truly important we are on this planet; the Elementals, Sidhe and the Fae awakening and so much more; the importing of the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School into Australia and China….  A must read follow-up to the original.

You can pre-order at shopify. Soon at kindle.


4 responses to “Coming in October! Dangerous Imagination Workbook

  1. My mind was blown awake disvovering all about social engineering in Dangerous Imagination Silent Assimilation. Looking forward finding out even more in DISA Workbook. Where can I find the pre-order book link? Thank you

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