The Chemtrails Tour in Australia

It all started when a van ran my mother down in the road and killed her. For you, maybe it all started with the white criss-crosses in the sky. Suddenly the sun was surrounded by a sulphuric haze. NASA began distributing educational materials showing ‘new’ kinds of clouds. People all over the globe began to report mysterious illnesses: mimicking heart attacks, pulmonary distress and lingering coughs that seemed to have no cause became the third leading killer in the USA. Solar visibility was reduced by a minimum of twenty percent, Vitamin D became almost impossible to come by. We knew it was a slow-boil eradication under way. But there were other reasons and other agendas. It is by means of bio-photonic ingestion that we sustain ourselves as humans. It is by means of spherical astronomical mathematics that we keep track of time. It is by means of predictable records of eclipses and comets and the like that we date events. It has become more and more clear that something is terribly wrong with the history of events, the chronology. Terribly wrong. But if we cannot see the heavens and if accepted astronomy is discounted then the absolute proof of what has been done to us…poof…disappears. Some of what’s wrong in a nutshell? The so-called ancient city of Troy was located in Italy and fell just before Rome rose. Rome was quite likely begun by a son of Ulysses. Aeneas, Romulus and Remus never existed. All of this happened in the Middle Ages. Additionally the second Roman Empire and the Third Roman Empire were one and the same, the third laid right on top of the second. And, finally, those two periods were the identical incidents we came to know as the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judea. The usurper Prussian Emperor, Frederich II, erected and supported by the Teutonic Knights, had himself declared the King of Jerusalem. Jesus the Christ was a medieval figure born around 1150. Chronologists, mathematicians, and astronomers since Isaac Newton have known this and said so. We are much closer to Atlantean survivors in time than we could possibly imagine….be there in Melbourne when we explore this and so much more!!!

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  1. Hi Cara, so glad to hear of your tour ‘down under’ and am wondering if you have dates and venues organised? Is there enough flexability in your itinerary to fit in another appearance on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland? Wishing you mountains of happiness, peace and well-being, Ian


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