The ‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House of Saud

By Pepe Escobar Global Research, January 30, 2015 RT Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: Politics and Religion, US NATO War Agenda  762  16  2  831 No one in […]

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Obama Indicted in Italy

July 30 – People in the northern Italian region of Veneto are planning to arrange a tribunal of U.S. President Obama, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and Ukrainian President Poroshenko . All of them will be charged with war crimes against civilians in the Donbass.
The movement for independence of the northern Veneto region of Italy and the revival of the Venetian Republic urged the public to assemble a new “Russell Tribunal” to punish the perpetrators of crimes against the civilian population of the eastern regions of Ukraine.

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How Nice That Obama Cares: Federal Privilege

…by Sofia Smallstorm
(Editor’s Note:Living in England has, on occasion, forced me on the spot in trying to explain why we would try to refuse socialized medicine in the US. There are a handful of solid reasons..forced vaccinations, etc. Here are some more thanks to our Sofia Smallstorm).

Want to know why the IRS is the partner of Obamacare? Because of the very nature of who is required/qualifies/will-be-penalized-for-skipping Obamacare…This bit of helpful information is from Intuit’s TurboTax website: If you don’t need to file a 2014 tax return because your income is less than the minimum, you won’t have to pay the penalty fee for not having health insurance.

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