von Christoph Hörstel Zusammenfassung ANTI-RUSSLAND-PROPAGANDA: Spiegel aus allen Rohren Man bemerkt die Absicht und ist verstimmt: Nächste Woche sollen die EU-Sanktionen noch einmal verschärft werden, so lautet der Befehl aus […]

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A Quick Rant: Letter to My Russian Friends…

The new Tartars come from the west – letter to my Russian friends. Many things happen these days; and my problem is, that I know little of Russia, of Russian history and culture – and nothing of the Russian language. But during my visit to Moscow last weekend I literally „met“ the Russian Saint and hero, Ilya Muromets. His bust of white marble was positioned in a big official meeting room – his wonderful face and its strong expression met my immediate curiosity.

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