Political Correctness and The Mark of the Beast

…by Les Visible


This is a time of darkness and an intensification of darkness, as the rampant perversity of materialism becomes preeminent over all things human and spiritual.

It was gradual, at first, over the incremental creeping of decades. It has all been orchestrated by forces long concealed behind seemingly benign appearances. Now, as critical mass approaches on all sides, not to mention within all of us, in concert with the external, the pace has ratcheted up considerably. We are dancing on a knife’s edge, with a howling abyss of chaos on all sides.

For many in the privileged zones, this seems to pass unnoticed as they thumb hump their cellphones and dance around like famished ghosts in dreams of appetite.

In other parts of the world, the larger part of the world, survival is of a paramount concern. This is not a concern for most of those in the privileged zones. Their main concern is the expedition of their own self interest in this smorgasbord of temporary delights. It’s gone past midnight in the garden of good and evil and the lines between them have been blurred beyond recognition.

There are a multitude of horrors that one can point to as being significant in the mix but there is one horror that is greater and more pernicious than all of the others and that is the force of Political Correctness.

One has only to study the latter days of Mao and the times of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to see what the final objectives of Political Correctness are. There are hundreds of examples of this nasty agenda at work around the world.

One might here insert a thousand links and not touch the majority of incidents following in one another’s footsteps with every passing day. Here is an example of truly deranged movements that are ubiquitous on all the university campuses of the western world http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=5692

In tandem with this witless insanity there is the push for exclusive privilege for the tiniest minorities among us and this is being orchestrated by a particular tiny minority who are using all of these ‘alternative’ lifestyles and interest groups as a fulcrum and a toxic space blanket, to leverage their own demographic into an insulated world where they are rendered untouchable, as they continue to prey upon and profit from the rest of the world whom they see as less than human http://www.academia.org/the-origins-of-political-correctness/

The truth of the matter is irrefutably obvious http://www.rense.com/general80/whj.htm You may not like hearing it. You may not want to know it. You may well be a coward, like all the other cowards who fear the censure that comes to one who speaks the truth but so long as you continue in your cowardice, these conditions will worsen and intensify. Sooner or later, push coming to shove has nowhere to go. We are soon to be culturally trapped between Scylla and Charybdis, in fact, we already are.

Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound

How does one become enslaved? They cease to be the master of their own thoughts. Enslavement begins in the mind and for those operating the machinery of entertainment and media, the objective is to lead the populations into bondage to their own base appetites by compromising their value systems, promoting moral relativism and making all efforts at personal honor, integrity and virtue seem declasse and outmoded.

There are no longer any standards for personal behavior that are not morphed in appearance through the distorted lens of political correctness. These ends are achieved by transforming the language of communication to satisfy the amplfied sensitivities of those whose proclivities we dare not tred on. Tolerance is no longer a permitted observation point, only total acceptance is permitted, no matter what the cost may be to society and the welfare of the vast majority.

We must perforce all hobble by as best we can under the weight of cultural marxism and who and what is behind this is not in doubt whatsoever. Calling attention to this has it’s own terms of libel for anyone with the sand to do so.

Undermining religious principles is not difficult when the priesthood and preachers are all exposed as pederasts and poseurs, whose main intent is their own advancement and personal profit. Once it has been communicated that it is all a sham it is quite easy to discredit the whole.

There is an observable war taking place against both the Christian and Muslim faiths and this is being engineered and carried out by proponents of Zionism and their brothers in arms, The Satanists. This has been in the works for a long time. It is only now coming out into broad daylight, to be seen for what it is by those with eyes to see.

For the majority, seeing comes at too great a cost because knowledge of anything arrives with a responsibility for what is known. It is far safer to exist in a world of denial and cultivated blindness so as to avoid one’s being identified as reactionary. It is, in fact, not safer. It only appears to be so.

Les Visible

Les Visible

I am neither Christian nor Muslim. I belong to no established creed and am merely a seeker after truth and a follower of the ageless philosophy of the forces of light. However, a culture is held together by the collective beliefs of the members of it, whether it be faith in religious dogmas or economic conditions, collective faith is the glue that knits society together and when that is gone, so is all of the cultural and social infrastructure upon which so many of us rely for continuance.

It may be dysfunctional and filled with illusion but the world we have is the world we have and if we, the mass of, us allow it to be destroyed before our eyes then what will be left?

At the moment, for the few of us actually paying attention, the powers that be seem to be powerful indeed. Where are our champions and shining examples? There appears to be somewhere between few and none. Devoid of positive example the people wander in confusion.

This is the intent of political correctness, to highlight mediocrity as a desirable standard and the bizarre and arcane tastes of a tiny minority as a proper guideline for public behavior. Perversity is celebrated and abnormal has become the new normal; should you object to any of it your are marginalized and given pariah status.

In some cases and as the media is not shy about highlighting, one risks the loss of employment, the fellowship of presumed friends and acquaintances, even ones place of residence. One can lose everything.

Measured against these dire possibilities it is not hard to see how they managed to bring things to such a turn. What is one to do? This is a matter of personal consideration and each of us must find our way as best we can. On a positive note, we may all take comfort in the certain knowledge that evil inevitably destroys itself.

This is a cosmic law and it is never so close to the resolution of that truth as when it appears to be at its most powerful. The spectre of the visible world is overpowering at the moment. We tend to forget that if there is a visible world there must be an invisible world and if there is a visible hierarchy, there must be an invisible hierarchy. The invisible always controls the visible and no matter what evil may be afoot it is all brought by circuitous passage to its own destruction.

We are looking at the last gasp of a dying age. We are sinking-shipliving in the echo of its passing. It’s over. The ship is… sinking and one’s most important concern is to not be in the close neighborhood of the ship when it goes down. This may be the most important news you ever receive. Detach yourself from this nonsense. Step away. There is no law that says you must get sucked down into the maelstrom with everyone else.

The whole world can change in near the blink of an eye and how it changes depends entirely on what your associations of value and meaning are. If you are associated with the pending compost, you will become compost. If you are associated with what is green and growing you will grow along with it. I don’t want to sound too much like Chauncey Gardiner here but it is appropriate truth and if you are not ‘being there’… you are being somewhere.

People torment themselves with the fears of a world that might end… but the world ends for a lot of people every day. You know Political Correctness is a handmaiden of the Satanic Putsch and you know that the mighty will fall and that some day a fresh wind will blow this planet clean. Walk your own course, become truly human, fix your eyes upon the inner light and you will not be caught blind and lost in the darkness of this world.

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  1. The government’s promotion, and supreme court’s decision to legalize homosexual marriage, are paving the road to the “mark of the Beast” in Revelation.


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