The Women of the Planet Fe

Who is behind many of the UFOs abductions?

Erhard Landmann

(translated from the German by Joska Ramelow)

I would first like to present a series of facts that appear to have no connection at first sight. For thousands of years there have been tales of fairies and they are so deeply ingrained into different languages ​​that the word “fairy tale” is equated with tales about fairies, as in French (“Contes de Fee”) or English (“Fairytales”).

In Spain, Portugal and along the French Atlantic coast, they have the story of the “white ladies”, “Dames Blanches”, “Damas Blancas”. For centuries, more precisely since the takeover of power by the Catholic Church, these apparitions have been interpreted as the appearance of Mother Mary, in order to control these unusual events .

435px-Manuscript_Thet_Oera_Linda_Bok,_pagina_48The Oera-Linda-book1 mentions the ancestor Fraya, who gave birth to the first man into this world without being preceded by an act of sexual procreation, which was consequently later termed “the immaculate conception of Mary” by the Christian Church. The Voynich – Manuscript2 displays many naked women on dozens of pages. We have reports of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of abductions by so-called UFOs, where men are forced to engage in sex with womenvoynich or where pregnant women have their fetus taken. What should all this have to do with each other? What do we know of fairies and what is related by the incorruptible language respectively many different languages ​​on the subject of these fairies? Not only are there a lot of place names, which are derived from the fairy as in Feyenoord in Holland, Sass-Fee in Switzerland or Fehndorf, Veynau, Satzvey, Burgvey, Urfey etc. in Germany. There are a huge number of words that have been received into everyday language for everyday use, which is true for all languages, without us realizing at first glance that they are dealing with the term fairy.

In most languages ​​the word for fairy is being equated with the word for sorcerer or sorceress. For example, in Portuguese, the “feticero” is the wizard and the “feticera” the sorceress, both of which means fairy and these always carry a magic wand. That is , a rod, a metal rod with which they can cause electrical forces to conjure mighty things, like in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, where a wicked fairy can put the entire workforce of a castle in sleep and thus override their natural defences. The same has been reported a thousands of times by people who claim to have been abducted by UFOs.

Fairies are almost always dressed in white, just like the “Mary” – phenomena and the “Dames Blanches” in France and Spain. It has so deeply penetrated the language that one can not doubt the original true state of affairs. In the English language, where fairies (Ger., ‘Feen;) are “fairies”, which suggests “fair” and white, blonde, as well as in Hungarian, where white “Feher” is, the “noble Fee”. The old German word “her”, which stands for “sublime, glorious, holy, noble” has gone out of current, bar some Christmas carols. Great Britain and Ireland are classical countries for traditional myths and legends of fairies, much more numerous than in any other country, despite the fact that there is no lack of these either. There are good and bad fairies. This fact is important to keep firmly in mind for further exploration of this theme. All of these stories from different cultural backgrounds yield four important clues. These stand out clear and unequivocal, if we consider the Irish and British mythology, the Oera Linda Chronicle, the Voynich manuscript and take into consideration the analysis of the languages, when examining the term “fairy” in detail.

1. Fairies are always clearly associated with space travel and UFOs, particularly in conjunction with the Galaxy “OD”, “ODO”, “OTI” or “OT”

2. Fairies have to do with the ancestry of mankind and their origin from space. Namely, the good fairies.

3. The evil fairies have clearly to do with the centuries-old oppression of humanity

4. fairies are dealing with partly bizarre, weird and strange sexual incidents.

In Irish mythology, fairies are called “the old people” that were driven out by the bearers of the Catholic faith. Fairies were descendants of the ancient gods and are called “Mannanon”, ie “ancestors of men, of men.” In Scotland they were equated with the ancient tribe of the Picts and in Wales they were the “Mamau”, the mothers, the Mamas.

Let’s look at the old feast of “Halloween”, that is to mean, as can easily be seen, the “allo fairies”, (”allo-feen”) the “fairies from space”, ( ‘allo’ : Ger., ‘All=Space, Galaxy’) from the universe. This festival, which was celebrated in early November was also known as “Sam Fiun” means “seed of the fairies”. Note, the word “seeds of the fairies” refers to a sexual act of fecundity. Another name was “Samhain”, (‘Hain’ an old German word for ‘woods’) the “seeds Hain” (the ‘seed forest’) . Christianity converted Halloween, from the feast of “Allfairies” to All Saints and All Souls Day.

Linguistically this finds wonderfully prove in the fact that the English word ‘Saint’ equates to ‘Sankt’ in German, to mean ‘to sink, to come down, to descend’. Thus the word “sanc ta” , ‘to sink- descend- there’ became later, after the confusion of tongues, converted to “holy” in it’s allegedly Latin version. So the phrase, “All sanc ta” (which originally meant that the fairies from space came down from Planet Fee, also written Phe) “All sanc tus”, was rendered in the alleged Latin termed feast of “All saints”. The phrase “ce phe us” (“comes from the planet Phe”) today also equated with designates a star constellation or the alleged Greek god of sleep “or phe us” (“from the planet Phe in the Urall”) or the name of the old city ​​”E phe sus” (“God of ‘E’ darted to the planet Phe”) do offer such references to us. The Irish mythology is teeming with clues. There are the “Fe Arghus”, the “arge (harsh) Fairy”, whose spacecraft is the “Con Fearghus “. The “Con all” better of “Cun all” is the wedge-shaped (Allfahrzeug) space craft (Cun, Kun = wedge) and there is the phrase “Fe Arghus Fiodh Flio da” = the “arge” (harsh/bad/dark) Fairy flees to the (planet) Fe in the galaxy ODH “. Obviously the departure and return of fairies from space was always celebrated, and that not just on Halloween. The word “festival” attests to this fact. It reads: “Fee stib all”, (“the fairy ‘stibt’ on into space,” sputtering, “aufstiben” originally meaning “kicking, to fly up”). Likewise “fete” comes from fairies. The home of the fairies is “Avalon”, is the “Au (watery plains) in space above”. Spacecraft are called “vet, Phet”, or “vehiculum, vehicle” in ancient texts . In the Ora-Linda-book it is reported that women (in Frisian “femna”, in English “feme” = young woman, in French “femme”) ruled the state. In this capacity they came to be known as Burgmagden (maids of the castle). City names such as Magdeburg or Magdala (near Weimar in Germany) testify to the Magdala fairy-Fe connection (Magdala = the “handmaid of the All”, ‘Universe’). The Bible carries many mentions of Magdalena (“magd – all – ena.” – The maid beyond in space ” ) and religious scholars found that this does not necessarily denote the woman, who was placed as an acquaintance of Jesus in the drama of the New Testament. Hartmann von der Aue writes of the sorceress “Feimurgan”, whihc broken down into a sentence suggests, the “Fei in Urgan”, the fairy goes to Ur (all-space).

Not to forget the festival Samhain, which some scholars of mythology translate it as “Ancestors Night”, or the “Night of the ancestors”, as another example of revealig a deeper meaning when reading the words ir their older context.

Now let us briefly turn to the phrase “Fee” by using linguistic analysis but limit ourselves to German, English and French in this endeavour. Whoever could protect themselves from the wand of the fairies, was ”gefeit” (“invulnerable”). The word “feien” thus means to be protected from the “Fei”, the fairy. In English “feign” = denotes deceptive, hypocritical, in what the (dark) fairies effected with her wands. The Portuguese “feticero” comes from the “Fe tiuschero” that is the “deceptive fairy”, since with her wand she could not so much conjure up things, as to command powerfully devastating forces with her spell. The expression “Feint”, the feint, the deception underlines this. “Fetch” is a ghostly doppelganger, “feat” stands for heroism and “fear” uses that same ‘fe’ root and ‘ar’ denotes the craft.. (The Ar is the spacecraft of the Fee). The word “Fetish” denotes that the fear of deceiving the fairy has led to great veneration, of what today would be known as Stockholm syndrome. (The victim’s identify with the acts/tools of the master to avoid further punishment) The old tales of all nations about fairies tell us now and again that the fairies or some evil fairies do kidnap little children, or sometimes replace them with ugly nasty children. The German language had coined the term ‘wechselbalg’, for this phenomenon, known as “changeling” in English, and “changelin” in French.. This event must have happened countless times throughout the centuries and across the world. Well, there are thousands of reports of abductions by UFOs, where exactly the same thing happens. Foetuses are taken from pregnant women or a male abductee would be forced into intecourse with so-called “blonde fairies” from the space craft. This prompted me to explore the meaning of the word fetus, similiarly and correctly spelled in anumber of languages, and I coukld have not been more surpirsed. In addition to the old German word mentioned above, “tiuschen” = Pretend/Deceive, which often gets mentioned in connection with fairies, there is the word “tussen” – ‘to swap’, or in Middle High German “tuschen” again to swap. A “fe tus” therfore alludes to an exchange, possibly the interchanging of unborn children by fairies. This may have happened for thousands of years and may go on unabated until today. As our governments are supposed to protect us form harm, and keep bragging that they do just that, and at the sasem time deny the release of hard fact information about and the existence of UFOs, it conveys the message to the people kin the know, that no effort is spared to cover up this very phenomenon. (One notes the similarity of the words “tiuschen” -täuschen, ” tuschen “= replace and cover up). In Norwegian fairies and elves are known as “Alfar”, those that travel out into space. (All- far/ ins All fahren). The word changeling/wechselbalg is also rendered in other forms such as ” wechselkint ” and/or ” wihseling “.

Let us now turn to the evil fairies who eventually seized power globally sometime between the 9th and 13th centuries. This would to some extent explain the dismissive behavior of officials in governments, politicians and religious dignitaries of our time.

Where do the terms serfdom and feudal rule originate from and what do they impart?

In most languages, you the word is more correctly rendered as ”feodal” instead of feudal. “Fe od al” means the Planet “Fe” in the galaxy “Od” in the “All” (Space/Universe) or it could be the “Fee” from the galaxy “Od” in “All”. “Feoff” in English denotes “vassal”; “fee” also denotes genetic material, or wage payment; “feud” is the dispute. the “feud”. The revolt of the serfs against the evil lords thus led to the feud, to battle. Serfdom, in French “servage” (which comes very close to a meaning implying slavery ) was therefore introduced by the evil Beings of the galaxy Od from the planet “Fe, Phe”. Here are some interesting words in connection with the term fairy. So “felix” doea not only stand for the Latin word “the lucky one” but “lix” better “Lich” stands for the planet’s surface. “Fe Lich” is thus the “surface of the planet Fe.” Fecundo “today means ” fruitful “in many languages and suggests memories of the sexual practices described above, but” Kundo, Cundo “is the ambassador, the herald, the angel (Anglo-Saxon) the announcer/messanger from the planet Fe. In many fairy tales, fairies, goblins and gnomes were addressed “fetiro”, the cousin.

A fight with fairies was “fehtan” = fencing, (German term for the sport fencing = ‘Fechten’). The word vehemently” Vehemens ”(Fehemens = the “Fe leads hem into the otherworldly All”), stands for energetic. vigorous, stormy during the launch process of the spaceship on it’s voyage “Home to the otherworldly universe”. And last not least, we must not omit the word phenomenon (Phe no men); an appearance from Planet Phe, a “men” from the Planet Phe. The Russian name and surname Feodor, Fjodor, as well as the “Phoenix (Phenix, Fenix) from the ashes” are indicative of the planets Fe, Phe in the galaxy. “Phe nich, Phe tilts toward the planet Phe, since most UFO’s tend to tilt sideways during the first phase of lift off.

If there is any irrefutable linguistic proof as to the true background of the fairy tale, populated by elfins and fairies the search for truth which forms the basis of this present study, it is found in the Japanese word for fairy tales: otogibanashi, “ot (h) o gi ban ashi”, for ” the track/course up to the Galaxy “ot” moves the “Asch” The “Asch”, the saucer, the flying saucer, the old term for UFO’s.

Let’s gather some evidence and facts about about the mysterious galaxy ”Ot, Od”. The famous pyramids in Mexico are in “Teotihuacan”, te oti huacan “, the” craft of the Galaxy “ot”. Pyramids, the word itself says it. “Pyra miden”, “fire” (pyra) and ”shun” (miden; Ger: meiden). They never served as tombs for megalomaniac rulers, but as landing places for aerospace mother-ships. This is the reason why huge scorch marks feature in the upper parts of the Egyptian pyramids.

(In his landmark book, The Giza Power Plant (Bear & Co., 1998), engineer Chris Dunn made the suggestion there is evidence that the Great Pyramid may have experienced a cataclysmic event, an explosion some time in its distant past; The ed.)

The Book of Exodus of the Bible which, incidentally and to the surprise of many, was not related to an exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, whose existence as a religious community came much, much later. The application of linguistic analysis reads as follows: The Ex, Ech, Eck, the Kun, the device, the tri which Triex, Trieck, (triangle), these are all descriptions within ancient texts around the world, for vast triangular UFO’s that are reported even today on an almost daily basis. There are particularly numerous sightings reported over the North Sea, Alaska and Canada. “Ex od us” means, therefore, ”Ex”, the triangular spacecraft from the galaxy of ”Ot, Od”. And since ”Fe” is not the only planet in this galaxy, after our month February is called we also find the planet ”Sept”, a term often used in Exodus as in “Septuagint”, “Sept uagin ta”, ”uagin”, waggon or “car of the planet Sept ‘.

In the Voynich manuscript, which had been in the hands of the Jesuits for centuries, we find a presentation of planets on 12 pages, that gave the names to the months of our calendar. However, jsut the very page containing important information about the plaet ”Fe” relating to February seem to have gone missing. The Jesuits in question seem have done”a great job”, to have made this page disappear. Now, where do we locate the planet ”Fe” in the galaxy “Ot”….?

By the way, the forest area of Odenwald, near Heidelberg, carries a reference to this galaxy too. Back to the investigation: After the “evil fairies” (ie aliens) had driven away the “good fairies” approximately between the 9th to 13th or 14th century, of our current falsified chronolgy, as already mentioned, they fostered the introduction of the alleged 3 major monotheistic religions, which are by no means 2000 years old and cannot count as real religions since linguistic analysis reveals that their sacred books are totally mistranslated. Thus, these writings began mainly to be used threafter as powerful tools for the domination and oppression of the population. It therefore comes as no accident, for example, that the Islamist terrorist organization Alkaida is named after the star Alkaid of the Ursa Major constellation (the great bear) , even if the activists involved might not know. It’s sponsors and backers diescretely hiding behind the scenes, on the other hand, are very likely to be fully cognizant and in the know about this supposed ‘coincidence’. The word used mostly in the Voynich manuscript is “haud”. The reference is the star “Al haud” located in Ursa Major, the galaxy of Ot which is just a measly 44 light-years away form us. Just outside the front door of our system, so to speak. Even the Koran, albeit another heavily doctored translation, still mentions the star Alhaud. However, it renders the name of this star as “the basin”. In “Latin” texts appears the term “haud, haut” so numerously that it has been rendered as “not” rather than uppermost or high. The French language related to many European languages, is the only one that renders the word “haut” as “high”.. In Irish mythology, which is teeming with the word “dubhshaoileann”, which must be rendered as part of the sentence: “Dubhs hao il EA” (“to the star Dubhe of the Big Dipper high above rushes he into the galaxy) And who is he who hurries up there ? It is the hero “Cuchulain”. “Cuchula”, “Kugaul”, “Kukul” is thiodic, or old German for “the ball”, “in” is “in”. Therfore, one made use of spherical spaceships to speed to the star “Dubhe”. So look at a star chart of the Ursa Major, of which the Big Dipper forms one part. At the rear to the right of the alleged dipper, is the star Dubhe, almost vertically below we find the star Alhaud, or Haud, classified by astronomers with Theta Ursa Mayor. The neighbourhood between Dubhe and Alhaud is where the fairies came from. The good “fairies” who are the”fairies” of our ancestors and our friends, and the bad “fairies” who for centuries now have used their influences to foster the secret world domination of our planet via secret societies and the practitioners of the craft. The men and women from the project “Seti “(which, by the way, was only incepted for dumbing down- and cover-up purposes) should specifically target their antennas into that drection if they do actually want to receive some extraterrestrial radio signals. However, as is abundanly clear throughout our languages, even these aliens have been here for millennia. Maybe this article should be forwarded via e-mail to the postbox of “Seti” by a few hundred people. It would be interesting to know how these people and our corporate media react or if they respond to it at all.