Sage of Quay Interview — Cara St.Louis

Mike Williams interviews Cara St.Louis for Sage of Quay radio.

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The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel

The thing that disappoints me most about my situation, and many others like me, is that I know that the objects I saw were real. They were clearly machines of some kind. They exhibited performance that was clearly beyond the scope of what we generally consider to be “state of the art”. If these objects are manned vehicles, or an exotic weapons system..
by any defenses I am aware of, other than perhaps a high energy laser beam.

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That Loony Notion of Slow Boiling Frogs…

by Mark McCandlish…in view of your July 19th editorial questioning the “loony” notion of “chemtrails”, I thought I would send you two scientific papers, one from the United States Air Force, the other from NASA. The first document is pure science and is really beyond the comprehension of most readers so I can give you a layman’s summary of what it says. The other is really just a NASA Power Point presentation that talks about the potential of placing “energetic particles” in propellants (fuel)…

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