The Super Bowl and American Sniper

Dog Poet Transmitting……. “If you love me, love my dog” (ancient Hindu adage) Okay, cats and kitties, Super Sunday is upon us. That is what they call it. Given what […]

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私は私があったときではないすべてのことずっと前に、インドであることについて気づいたことの一つは、人生は安かったということでした。 さらに極端な他の場所はありますが、私は、インドの貧しい地域の一つだった。 私は準備ができていなかったことがたくさん私はインドについて知っていたすべてが私が聞いたか読んでいたものに基づいていたことを考えると、ありました。 その現実は大いにより圧倒的だった。

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Sidestepping the Pop Tart Gurus and New Age Nimrods

Don’t let the servants of the enemy pull you down into the headspace that they rule the rest of the world from. You do not have to live there. Commit yourself to the certainty of escape from Sisyphean futility. A truly positive mind is a divine and wonderful possession. The discomforts and loss of temporary things suffered at the hands of evil people are temporary. The benefits gained from knowing this and continuing are not temporary.

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“它从来没有下雨,但盆满钵满”,就是这方面的事实不正确,但适用的讲道。 我必须道歉跳转到折纸两倍于行,但我得到这么多的疑问我几乎要做到这一点,因为有多慢棒子互联网是这里的意大利乡村和需要多长时间我去通过电子邮件,回应等等。 我会在这里一会儿,然后回到原来的位置,从那里来的……从那里我们(希望)梳理发现这里找到自己的痛苦过程。

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The Why and the Wherefore of Whatever.

Since the 10:00 AM departure slot has been pushed ahead to 1:00 PM, it looks like I can possibly slip a post in through the aperture of time. Well, my friends, I have never seen it so weird and wack as it is now, most especially as it concerns my forward progress and next location. I am like someone standing in a room with a myriad of doors, who has tried each door only to find it inaccessible but… did I try every door, hmmm. I know it’s all under control but… this is ridiculous. It’s true that I don’t have to be anywhere at the moment except on this trip Susanne and I are taking to finalize old business. It’s a long awaited conclusion to a very bad luck action on our parts.

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