Piers Compton: The Broken Cross Part 9

Part Nine O change beyond report, thought, or belief! Milton. The following section has been written with some misgivings. For on the one hand it leads up, in a subsequent […]

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Piers Compton: The Broken Cross Part 8

This section is concerned with some of the most dramatic changes in the whole of history; changes whose ultimate significance has, in the popular sense, gone largely unreported, and because of that they have been accepted without comment by the world at large. But they are changes that have set the tone of our present; they are fashioning our future; and in time to come they will be so established that it will seem foolish, or eccentric, to question them.

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Piers Compton: The Broken Cross Part 7

In the Cardinal’s case there are signs, however tentative, that he had been persuaded to act a minor role in a major political scandal; or that he had taken a definite stand in a religious quarrel; and religious quarrels, like a civil war, admit of no quarter being given. There is, however, no trace of Monsignor Tort being involved in anything startling. He can only be the object of assumption – that he was the victim of personal weakness, of an accident, or of someone’s wish to discredit religion.

But as it is, the similarity between the two deaths is startling.

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