Devil’s Dance on the Malaysian Plane Tragedy

But unsurprisingly, the devils’ dance on this human tragedy through the orchestrated media hysteria against Russia has suddenly come to a halt, triggering suspicions about its motive. The media trial of Russia on the tragedy has abruptly ended, generating suspicious thoughts about a well-planned provocation.

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“Unterstützt die Wahrheit zu MH17”: OSZE-Monitore Identifizieren “Einschusslöcher”, die Bordkanonen Beschuss nahe legen. Keinerlei Beweise für einen Raketenangriff. Abgeschossen von einem Militärflugzeug?

Was er aufgrund der zur Verfügung stehenden Fotos beobachtete waren Perforationen des Cockpits:

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The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel

The thing that disappoints me most about my situation, and many others like me, is that I know that the objects I saw were real. They were clearly machines of some kind. They exhibited performance that was clearly beyond the scope of what we generally consider to be “state of the art”. If these objects are manned vehicles, or an exotic weapons system..
by any defenses I am aware of, other than perhaps a high energy laser beam.

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777 – Biochemical Attack Theory

Passengers already dead at takeoff. The picture alternative media is drawing from the MH17 incident is getting more and more bizarre. According to first hand information of Ukrainians that got to the site first, the plane was loaded with corpses that were drained of blood and that obviously were already dead for quite some time.. people found countless packets of blood serum littering the wreckage site. Why?

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