Mind-Blowing Pictorial Analysis of MH17

from Christopher Bollyn via abeldanger.net. Christopher Bollyn is a 9/11 investigator who has been chased out of the US with his family to Sweden. He was taking apart the 9/11 story back before everybody had it taken apart. I wrote an article on the fact that he had been stopped at Heathrow en route to do an interview with Ken O’Keefe.

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A Quick Rant: Is the Root of Evil the Psychopathic Mind?

Psychopaths enjoy a perverse advantage over normal people in ascending pyramids of power. Unfettered by conscience, empathy, morality…some might say, without the weight of a soul, psychopaths readily rise to the top in a society turned upside down by pathocracy. Lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing – without remorse, psychopaths can claw for power in ways that make a person with a conscience recoil.

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Through All the Darkness of this World, The Sun is Still Shining: Les Visible

Les is still at sea in the land of hip rehabilitaion and such on the border between Brigadoon and Narnia. We are missing him but he sends out a note in a bottle fairly often…Les herein expresses an opinion: I’ve been noticing the widespread knuckle under epidemic for some time from artists of every stripe. The people who sign the checks (and we know who that is- the same people who print the money) have apparently laid down the law and the majority of these hacks, already in possession of more money than they will ever spend, have bobbed their Nodwell heads and said, “Yowsah Boss!

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