From The Workbook…

Some quotes from the second book of The Imagination Chronicles: Dangerous Imagination, Silent Imagination Workbook….

“The entire history of humanity up until the 17th century is a forgery of global proportions – a falsification as deliberate as it is universal.”

The more recent and on-going global falsification of history is based on a system of erroneous pseudo-scientific sociological concepts based on ideology and aided greatly by the modern information manipulation technology….many thousands of specialists in false historical models are already working on this second falsification…their forte is the ability to misrepresent historical events while giving correct temporal and spacial coordinates and representing individual facts veraciously and in full detail. The actual falsification is achieved via the selection of facts, their combination and interpretation as well as the context of ideology and propaganda.

And again from the Workbook: “we talk about chemtrailing the heavens and how that severs us from biophotons, our true source of nutrients and sustenance (at least I talk about that). However, another blatant reason the heavens are being hidden from us has to do with history. I remember in 1999, when I wanted very much to study radio astronomy, discovering that there was so much noise in the atmosphere that scientists who want to receive what might be coming toward us from deep space had to lift their equipment above the atmosphere. There is more to it than that. Astronomers have been able to discern that our history is wrong, utterly fabricated in terms of dates beginning at a certain period, by studying the skies. Additionally, ancient scriptures already contain detailed descriptions of ‘new’ discoveries, hinting at a very scrambled modern scenario.”

“Where and how did medieval mapmakers supposedly armed with no more than a compass develop stunningly accurate maps as if they were looking down from a satellite…?”

What we call history was fabricated just a few hundred years ago by a group of medieval scholars led by two Jesuits….

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