Flat Earth, Spherical Earth And The Harmonics Of Deception

faithdysonFlat Earth, Spherical Earth And The Harmonics Of Deception


Eric P. Dollard is being heralded as ‘The New Tesla’. Due to his knowledge of resonant wave-forms – and their connection to Music, as displayed in the video linked below, I’ll have to agree. He’s telling people the same thing I’ve also been explaining about Electromagnetic Frequencies for the last 6 or 7 years. They equate to Musical Harmonics that can either be used for us or against us.
Here’s a recap, in correlation with the Flat Earth versus Spherical Earth debate, for those who may have missed it.
‘The Heavenly Bodies’, including The Earth’s, are made of Uncreated and Undying (Infinite) Energy. They give off Electromagnetic pulses a.k.a. Electromagnetic Frequencies also known as ‘Harmonics’. They ’emit’ the resonances thereof – simply because they are ‘composed’ by, and of, these Electromagnetic Frequencies. (See videos below re: The sounds of Jupiter and The Sun.) Therefore, our ‘Earthly Bodies’, also made of the same wave-forms, ’emit’, correspond with, and react to, resonating ‘harmonics’ as well.
Dollard explains some of this subject in the video below:
“What You Are Not Being Told About The Sun”
In short, we are / everything is – resonating as different scales of musical pitches – all the way down to the Quantum Level. When our wave-forms change size (a.k.a. grow), they’re not just changing scales, they’re changing scales. Get the picture, or rather, the Musical Physics?
It’s all the same activity – when connected with Electromagnetic Frequencies.
Musicians might understand the correlation better simply because they can now use Electronic devices to tune their instruments according to different frequencies, which also equates to being the very same activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re ‘tuning’ a guitar – or a body. There’s a physical change in its vibrations.
Therefore – ‘The Key’ to understanding the actual, Biological Facts about this subject is in realizing that we all have our own different harmonics, which makes us all different ‘One Hit Wonders’. Even as we are ‘playing’, our ‘music’ a.k.a. matter is constantly changing.
Think here of the unique scales, and activities, of your Mitochondrial Genomes (They are the sole source of the Electromagnetic Energy / Frequencies / Resonances / Harmonics in our brains and bodies.) as they ‘play’ our diverse ‘patterns’ – in correlation with everything else that’s also constantly changing ‘scales’ in Reality.
Think also of how you ‘resonate’ with some of those changing ‘patterns’ a.k.a. people, places – and colors, sounds, etc. more than you do with others. It’s all the same ‘matter‘ of – unique and changing – ‘Electromagnetic Harmonics’…
Knowing how our matter – is-and-therefore-reacts-and-attracts-to – resonating frequencies of Energy, Man has used musical resonances – for millenniums to manipulate, not just the ‘harmonics’ of the emotions in our own Electromagnetic brains and bodies, but to do the same to the Electromagnetic wave-forms that produce the molecular structure of their chemicals – as well as the rest of the ‘matter’, or ‘music’, of our brains and bodies.
As Eric explained in the video, the result can even cause synchronized mass shock – and/or – standing ovations – using mere acoustics to do it. (See also the link below re: Infrasound. It’s a.k.a. ‘Bioacoustics.) Such action/reaction is ‘Produced‘ on our most ‘Base‘ level.
Change the scales from their unique and ever-changing ‘Wonders’ to uniform and replicable ‘patterns’ and you change the activity of the matter effected from its unique and ever-changing patterns to a uniform and replicable ‘Standard’.
The result is conformity by Electromagnetic Induction. (Those who are into Quantum Physics will recognize this as Uniform Entrainment causing Uniform Entanglement. The activity of the affected Mitochondrial Energy is used to cause it.) When this is done by one person – or group of people, to another person – or group of people, the applied resonances equate to being Mitochondrial Genome Modification.
It causes the disruption of the ‘Original‘ Mitochondrial Frequencies, which has a direct effect on the patterns of our ‘Original‘ Nuclear DNA. The altered ‘scales’ override our own, replace our unique ‘arrangements’ – and the new ‘harmonics’ play Man’s ‘movements’ within us – instead.
It’s an ancient form of hypnosis a.k.a. ‘possession‘. Those playing the man-made scales of music can then get their victims to do whatever they want – from the wave-form level – without them even being aware of how it was done.
Having recently delved into the Flat Earth movement, and its evidence of a completely different version of ‘The Heavens’ above us, I’ve begun to suspect that ‘The Harmonizing Orchestration’ we experience ‘from its resonating direction’ is also not what we’ve been told it is.
My new deductions are based on the fact that NASA’s (Government produced and approved) information about ‘The Spacetime Program/ming’ (which is the spacing and timing, a.k.a. ‘scaling’ and ‘arrangements’ of ‘The Heavenly Bodies in relation to the Earth – and ours) also comes from the same source that has been using all forms of Electromagnetic Resonances to modify our Mitochondrial ‘Music’ – with the instrument known as ‘The Smart Grid’.
Its frequencies cause an end to our own Mitochondrial Resonances too.
In other words, when traced back through its musical roots – The Finite (limited) version of NASA’s current ‘Cosmological Orchestration’ has been ‘resonating’ from both The Church and State – for millenniums. All of their ‘arrangements’ have ‘produced’ the same effects on our Genomes and DNA. The Genetic ‘Record’ has proved it…
Their versions of the Cosmos are a Religious and Secular ‘Enclosed System of Repetitious Harmonics‘. One equates to a ‘Godly Beginning and Ending’ and one equates to a ‘Godless Beginning and Ending’, but they’re both are based on the same system of ‘Spacing’ and ‘Timing’ a.k.a. ‘Scale Model‘. They’re the same frequencies – played by both ‘orchestrations’…
Neither one has anything whatsoever to do with the Biological Fact that our Mitochondrial Scales and Resonances are INFINITE in their activities / ‘arrangements’. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle proves it’s impossible to calculate, imitate, or apply them in a repetitious manner – as is ‘scaled above us’ – by The State and Religion.

Star Trails above The North Pole.
Their Finite Version of The Heaves also goes round and round and round like ‘a broken record’ – and, in the Finite Program – forces our matter to do the same – until it dis-integrates. When their Finite Set of Scales is applied to our Mitochondrial Genomes and Nuclear DNA, the repetitious resonances cause them to disorganize, rather than organize our ‘matter’ into the miniature version of the Infinite Energy Field that we are actually designed to be!
Therefore both ‘Harmonic’ versions of a Finite Scale Model – for Spacing and Timing the Construction of MATTER – are Biologically INCORRECT in their THEORIES and in ALL of their real-life APPLICATIONS.
Since the activities of the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ above us correspond with the harmonics of the ‘Finite (version[s] of) Life and Growth’ – as invented and applied by The Church and State, I’m going to have to go one step farther than most and state that I think the entire ‘Solar System’ above us is also a creation of both entities.
Therefore – this makes ‘The Heavens’ nothing else but just another giant Resonator designed to manipulate our formations into the same old ‘Standard Song And Dance’ played over and over and over and over and over again.
Think here of Astrological Signs that form ‘Archetypal Characters’ (with a little Chakra-based info and Reincarnation thrown in ‘for good measure’) – and you won’t be wrong. (There are 88 keys on a piano and 88 ‘official’ constellations. The correlation isn’t an accident.) It’s true: As above, so below.
Play the same old Standards with a variation on the theme above and you get the same Old Standards with a variation on the theme below.
Our brain-cells never know what hit them, because the new ‘arrangements’ prevent their scales from growing.
Next think of all of the pyramids around the world placed over strategic Ley Lines of Energy that correspond with ‘the scales’ of ‘The Heavenly constellations’, and their use of that Earthly Energy to project their Resonating Frequencies into the ‘Sky’ – and you’ll begin to better understand the real meaning of how we’ve been ‘Spaced And Timed’ by their State and Church sanctioned Finite Harmonics.
When investigated further by ‘Flat Earthers’ the ‘planets’ don’t appear to be what we were told either.
See: “Flat Earth – The real Venus Above The Flat Plane”
See also the videos linked below demonstrating the ‘Sound FX’ of ‘The Sun’, ‘Jupiter’, ‘Saturn’, etc.
Here are a few interesting ‘Harmonic Correlations’ between specific locations on Earth and The Constellations:
For more info on this subject, please see my Notes:
“”The 1st Key To Liberation In Flat Earth’s Reality Comes With Realizing That Gravity Is Idolatry”:
“Is The Unnatural Model Of Standard Time What Blocks Us From Living In Paradise?”
Due to the fact that we’ve all been taught to think backwardly about this subject (as in – ‘the stars are not a production of some cause on Earth, but of another source outside of it / Man’), we’ve been deceived – by a very ancient cabal that’s been ‘playing’ us for such a long ‘spacing and timing’ people don’t even question the Electromagnetic ‘projections’ above them.
However, in the mean time, there is an entire History of The Church and State having manipulated the harmonics of the world’s population so well, they actually moved entire countries to ‘space and time’ a.k.a. synchronize themselves to organize and work – in their favor.
As the result, everyone has helped them upgrade their system (which happened when the Prime Meridian was moved from Giza in Egypt to Greenwich in England), create even more powerful Electromagnetic Weapons to impose it – and give their manipulators standing ovations for the entire effort.
For that ‘round‘ of deadly foolishness, we’re all now ‘Paying The Global Piper‘ – with our Infinite Lives. They can’t fully form and function fully when our Energy is forced to move in any scale of repetitious harmonics.
©2015 Faith Dyson
Should anyone wish to quote any part of this Note, please link it back to me. I copyright them for a reason. I find I’m now being quoted out of context – and the message behind them is being lost in the process. No one is going to understand why Spherical Earth Programs are Biological Weapons unless they get the explanation that comes with the quotes. If you really want others to understand this subject, you’ll give them both.
Eric P. Dollard – “What You Are Not Being Told About The Sun”
The Sound-FX Of Jupiter (Note how ‘monk-like’ the resonances are.)
Sound-FX of the Sun (NASA)