QUICK RANT: Going broke in NZ, Oz and Canada….

Dear Canada! I am now told by a Canadian woman that it is possible to order my books via amazon. She says she paid extra shipping to the tune of 7.50. As you know, the USPS makes me charge 15 plus dollars to send to Canada. I wish I had known this. I just dug $45. out of my own pocket to send 4 books to Canada. CANADA. You can order from amazon!!!

NOW HEAR THIS! Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Things are changing at Indie Kitchen. If you want my books in print, order before the end of November! I have to rework my system here as it is actually costing me a fortune to send to these countries.  I am, as always, looking for a Print on Demand outfit and distributor down there. I thought I had one in Canada but people say a lot of things. Meanwhile, I am sending duplicate copies and paying shipping on 4 books when people select shipping on 1 book but order 4 or 5. So there you have it. I LOVE people to get my work down there, it is super important, but I need a little help here folks. I am not a rich woman.

After November, indie-kitchen will be taking PRE-ORDERS FOR MY NEW BOOK ONLY.The new book is Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation Workbook.

Maybe while I am in Oz in April, I can find a reputable publisher down there or, hey here’s an idea, someone down there could help me find one?! Just a thought. Amazon will I assume still be offering kindle.

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  1. I live in Canada and I ordered your book back in August with Amazon.com(U.S.) and they shipped to me for $7.50(not too bad).
    I figured the small shipping fee was worth it to get such valuable information. So the grand total was $29.20


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