QUICK RANT: Harald Kautz Vella and Our Work

Below is a note I sent to a host in the USA when my skype interview was blocked. I wish to post it here:


Dear Greg and Higherside Chat Audience. Greg and I are trying to overcome the objections of the adversaries and create an interview for the show. It is not unusual for my skype to become inoperable the day of a show, usually a minute before air time. It was always that Harald got through but They shut me down. We decided it was because I was midwifing everything into everyday English. However, this underlines my entire point at the moment.

It took me and then Harald and myself FOUR YEARS to break through the blocks set up around English-speaking countries and get our voices heard in any number. USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia were particularly hard to break into.  These are spells, make no mistake.  Black magic at work.

Just as we were having some real success, my friend and writing partner, Harald Kautz-Vella seemed to have taken a very big wrong turn. He admitted to being ‘possessed’ by entities he calls the ‘Elderers.’ It is not the first time this has happened to him, he freely admits that.  There is nothing I can do about this.  One has to invite these creatures in for it to happen. Why would Harald do this? I have theories but they are only that. Granted they are based on knowing him and on many conversations we have had but still…Stephen Greer just spoke to a packed house at the Connaught Hotel here in London and asked the audience to open up and let the aliens into their hearts, all the while a low level but somewhat piercing tone was being emitted through the hall. Strange days indeed.

I am of the Fae bloodline. Harald is not. He has admitted recently to being ‘bloodline’ but there are other things going in his DNA as well. He would have to say what they are, not my place.  We have worked together many times in previous lifetimes, sometimes with and sometimes against each other.

Nevertheless, our message this time MUST GET OUT. Too many people have died or lost everything for this. My mother gave her life in a crosswalk in 2010 so that the Sun Thief could be born. Harald is now a shell with an entity operating through him and believe you me the fact that we were getting our voices into the US and so forth is the REASON this was done to him. So my request is that we not let these sorts of things happen in vain. Keep going with Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. I have something else…an expansion coming in late Oct early Nov.  PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM SILENCE US AGAIN.

Thank you, Cara St.Louis



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  1. I have read your book and I thank you for brilliantly painting the whole sordid story of our social programming and the reality we are left to deal with now, in these waking times. Does Harald feel that this entity is benevolent and what is its message and intent? Is it A.I.?


  2. He feels it is benevolent. It is most certainly not. Harald is a mere shgell at the moment, completely absent from this thing that has managed to try very hard to stop our message getting into the English language. Don’t underestimate this please. It is a very big deal.


  3. why do people keep asking me if a man possessed feels the thing possessing him is benevolent? How else is the damned thing going to make Haralkd feel or present itslef? Announcing it is an evil demon?!


  4. Hello Editor,
    Possession is not a harmless thing. Possession is a demonic thing and can occur when someone is trying to “Be” Someone or Something…which is a dangerous thing…Basically it is the ego wanting to sustain an illusion of self-importance.
    Sometimes people also allow demonic entities inside themselves, so its like allowing oneself to become to become demonically possessed in order to destroy the forces. I am not sure whether Harald falls into this category, but if he does then he must have the answer within himself.
    The Christ energy is a real energy, not religion…. see the now deceased Stuart Wilde’s work on his website….that may help.
    Take care.


  5. Hi Cara. I feel very sad to read this somehow. I have only recently found you & Haralds important info via Miles Johnstons Bases website & was deeply impressed by yourself & Haralds information. Harald touched me immediately with his lectures & i felt very encouraged & inspired by his gentle, calm, & grounded words… even though so much of this info is bleak & horriffic. I don’t know what to think! I wish you all the best…I know you won’t give up. All will be resolved in time & the human heart is a beautiful & potent thing..immeasurably so. Please come to New Zealand! You have friends here! Blessings & Love.

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