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  1. Hello Cara ,
    You mention that there are possibly two predators out there, well I can confirm, as I have had a dream that there are pods or stations outside the biosphere of the earth.
    There were extra terrestrial beings who were in these pods or stations where they are in a cloaked position.
    They have upgraded the Artificial intelligence of the mind parasites… (similar to the cyborglike entities in the movie called matrix)…these mind parasites were programmed to switch on frequencies inside mankind. The soul energy or light frequency and the emotional responses are sapped or drained and than milked to than be absorbed by these archontic robots….These things plug into the chakras….
    So Two predators, as you have suggested…
    Kindest Regards



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  3. Plato, after composing The Republic, mentioned that it was written as something of a parody. This parody was indeed intended to inspire the reader. Today, when humanity takes itself so deadly seriously, such inspiration flies a comfortable distance above the human mind.
    Ms. St. Louis has defined the Cosmic Organizer as the Predator. While she is certainly free to use any term she wishes, it suggests a condition where the cosmos was fashioned to serve the whim of a great primordial appetite. Such a view is quite consistent with the visionary mythology of diverse peoples, yet it is not the only view.
    Religion, which in the West and near East is equated with the Abrahamics, and a smattering of Buddhism/Hinduism, is founded on written narratives. We know, irrefutably, that such a record was “edited” into existence, reverse engineered so as to appear far older and far more significant than it truly is.
    The ultimate purpose of Religion is to extinguish the visionary spark, and replace it with an ersatz version suitable for the ranks of the dispossessed-which today means just about everyone. It was the first national standard, imposed with increasing constriction upon the unfortunates subjected to such treatment.


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