The Canary Party in the US: You Can Do It, Too.

by the Editor for The Canary Party

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Ginger Taylor, was part of starting a political party in the USA to represent and garner power for those injured by the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Since then they have been profoundly successful and untiring, especially in the area of getting vaccine stats and research made public. I tried to have them on The People’s Voice when I was a researcher for the Richie Allen Show. As always, a true ‘journalist’ will insist on presenting both sides. Unless it is Big Pharma wanting to make some bogus poisonous announcement. Then they fall all over themselves to get the representative air time. Because Dr. Paul Offit refused to debate on-air, they were never allowed onto Icke’s ‘Free Speech’ channel. It was such crap. The other side has figured out that if they refuse to debate then neither side can be heard. This amounts to checkmate if we are really too stupid to see this for what it is.  Anyway, please watch this video as an example of their tireless work and visit their website!