Bases 45: Cara St.Louis with Miles Johnston

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One response to “Bases 45: Cara St.Louis with Miles Johnston

  1. Ms. St. Louis,
    I found your sense of paranoia refreshing, however, I’m not sure if you are paranoid enough!
    Mr. Lash has translated, for the modern psyche, a myth so ancient, powerful and many faceted that it defies description. However, we today who are left with fragments of knowledge annihilated often make the mistake of bridging the gaps, rather than rediscovering the mystery.
    Humanity now has been given a great gift. The supernatural power that has forwarded and supported “the agenda” is now broken. The dice will no longer roll up the numbers that favor those destined to dissolve into the kenoma. The time of reckoning is right now, not at some distant, hopeful point.
    Many are called, and if Alexander Dubin is correct in his assessment that America is a society of highly individualistic mystics, then it behooves every American to become paranoid enough to reject the infernal programing of the control complex.
    Excellent interview, madam, yet I do indeed differ in one important arena; in my perspective there is a place for the sacred hunt, for the divine struggle of spirits locked in the dance of death, and the ritual feast, the consumption of the numinous flesh.
    Similarly, there is a place for the hunting and removal of those who have held humanity back for so many millennium. The foolish statement, that we have met the enemy and he is us is only true from a very distant perspective…


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