From Entropy to Negentropy, a Portal to the Morphogenetic Field

entropy image of egg‘Only one force, love, links and makes infinite worlds alive’

Giordano Bruno

Part 2

The affinity between subtle (dark) energy and coarse matter is so strong that it will always be found coupled up in stronger or weaker interactions, as Dr. Volkamer explains. They can never be separated. This proved to be one of the problems in physics as the subtle energy was always dismissed as some sort of white noise when it was actually being detected. However, Dr. Volkamer alluded to early experiments investigating the properties of seeds. Seeds of Cress were placed in a specifically prepared airtight container with some water and observed under strict research protocol. They would go to germinate as some oxygen facilitated this process and lo and behold their weight would significantly increase beyond the base line, until they withered due to lack of oxygen. And the weight sank back to baseline too. The same was being noticed during different moon phases, which hinted at some cosmic connections of these phenomena. These researches go back to Dr. Hauschka, who describes these studies in detail in a book entitled ‘ The Nature of Substances’ . (Jean-Paul Biberian / Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 7 (2012) 11–25 )

As a student of Rudolf Steiner he also investigated the nature of transmutation of elements as was later done by the eminent French scientist Dr. Lois Kervran.

There is a magnesium auto-genesis which has remained one of the enigmas of agronomy.”  Sea animals which make their shells from calcium while living in the sea which has an average calcium saturation of 0.042% (not much) still make their shells within a day or two after moulting. Since the shell of a crab of 17X10 cm weighs 350 gm we can see that the crab is busy transmuting magnesium dissolved in the seawater into calcium for its shell.  A moulting crayfish was placed in water from which all calcium had been precipitated and the crayfish made its calcium shell anyway.

These are some examples that could not be explained by Laviosiers model of the periodic table alone. There are some processes going on that led scientists and researchers to look at the quantum phenomena in Physics more closely.


Nowadays we get an intimation of what it the term co-creator could mean when faced with all these wondrous insights into a world way beyond the mere materialistic framework of elements found in a chemists’ toolkit, the periodic table. It can get even wilder and more colourful when we as beings consciously cultivate the potentials on offer, as Dr. Volkamer is hinting at strongly. We are suddenly looking at potentials and answers to understanding phenomena in life that are referred to as telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory powers and the like. Dr. Volkamer does not shy away from the notion that with understanding the quantum field comes a new understanding of the old and seemingly outmoded term of alchemy. We have reached a stage in science where the pace is quickening in every part of our lives. We get ever better understandings how and why phenomena in what is known as ‘information medicine’ work, such as homoeopathy, acupuncture or bioresoncance machines, to name a few. This is also true for how we will grow food and travel in the future. Magnet motors, Maglev transport systems, and Effective microorganisms (EMS’s) in agriculture stand as witnesses to the case in hand. It literally adds completely new dimensions to our life as we knew it up to now.

Phase boundaries

The great transformations are quietly taking place on an everyday level in every second of our lives inside our bodies. The cellular boundaries and other such discrete interfaces between one integral micro-system and another making up our tissues perform these interactions between coarse and subtle matter and it;s fields all the time. In practical terms we can support that without a great effort by simply consuming good quality living foods (raw and cooked) and water with maximum vitalizing potential for instance. This brings new vitality to the cellular phase boundaries of our system and living organs. On a more subtle level it could be anything from inward attention and observation of the movements and charges of these potentials of energy right into using techniques of meditation yoga, Tai chi prayer or listening to very moving poetry or music and many more of these inwardly harmonizing techniques. The Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto famously conducted very impressive researches including the mind and water and it’s phase boundaries for instance. He achieved visible, tangible results when studying under microscopic conditions the ice crystals of water that had been informed with music. When music that inspired love and harmony was being played it showed very even and lavishly embroidered patterns within the ice crystal. The crystals looked chaotic and stressed after aggressive and destructive music had been played to the ewater. The same polarity of patterns were shown even when pieces of paper with messages of love or hate were stuck on glass beakers containing water and subsequently frozen and photgraphed.

Phase boundaries are all the discrete structures that separate and limit one microsystem within of the wheel work of nature form another. They exist between the gaseous and liquid states, the solid and the liquid or the gaseous state again, and so forth. It is at these interfaces where the coupling of coarse and subtle energies are taking place and with it the charges that can nowadays be weighed with very advanced scientific scales. Consequently, this is the reality at the membrane borders of all living cells in us and everything else alive around us. This definition extends to every crystal, rock and gushing stream of water coming down the mountains too. When the phase boundaries of our cells are being cleansed, unblocked and energised we are supporting the hardware inside us, and thus, better health, vitality and a better quality of life on the whole is the result. Taken on it’s own, simply materialistic level, however, would be a very one sided course of action, since the spiritual-metaphysical aspects of these energy potentials are charging us too. It is the very energy required to actually behold the wonders of the world in all it’s subtlety. Needless to say that we would, sadly, only take one half of the nostrum to or own growth and development if we were not paying attention to this fantastic growth potential. The study and reality of the phase boundaries in all their potential opens a hitherto untapped treasure trove of possibilities. Whatever it may be to become whole, we have to decide for ourselves what best suits us to furnish the aspects of reaching out into the morphogenetic field and it’s subtle energies. The experience of this is managed by the, what is sometimes alluded to as ‘heartspace’ since it also stands as the symbol for a higher chakra drive. It is now known this this works with a force and power of higher orders of magnitude than the brain or the famous ‘gut feeling’ are ever capable of. It is the synergism of all spectra between these that matter most, though.

baby image entropy negentropy part two

Entropy and the science delusion.

This may raise a few hackles of voices of discontent alluding to the more dogmatic view of science as we know it. It has indeed led to a phase of a battle of the minds at the doors of our human perception. These voices have tried long and hard to force the point view on entropy locked into one big black box of science with all it’s academic frills and regalia plus diplomas and an icing of career prospects to boot to enshrine the paradigm. ”This type of quantum physics is unscientific, not too many variables please” ”What have questions of man’s consciousness got to do with nuclear and quantum physics?” In this vein we often see the evolutionary genetic debate reduced to pondering the old chestnut of the never ending question ‘Nature versus Nurture’, when, in effect it is always a bit of both and quite dynamic between the bits, just like an electron cloud around a nucleus. We know it is there but the old model of the carbon atom with it’s formerly neatly drawn orbs has already been confined to the bin of scientific history. The author Charles Murray expresses the idea that academia serves no longer as a stage for openly debating ideas in the search to expand the base of insight and knowledge for mankind but it has by now been morphed into a sort of policing tool for political correctness. He goes on to argue that in academia, “assistant professors know that their chances of getting tenure will be close to zero if they publish politically incorrect findings on climate change, homosexuality, race differences, gender differences, or renewable energy.”

The author Rupert Sheldrake identifies this problem in his book ‘The Science Delusion’ as a

type of confusion between the scientific method and a belief system of science which are fundamentally two different aspects witin this field. The first serves the enquiring mind with the tools of reasoning, looking for evidence and forming a hypothesis that is being tested via collective investigation within the scientific community. The second aspect just deals with the results of the enquiry that has been formed into a ‘constant’ and thus begins to assume the form of a scientific dogma. It is just this type of dogmatic thinking within the scientific, media and political establishment that often interferes with an open debate and holds back fruther discoveries, sometimes for decades. In this vein entropy only servers half of the story and a numner of further dimesions will have to be added to understand all the significant anomalies like the change in the speed of light. Rupert Sheldrake citedt he following incident. It was observed that between 1928 and 1945 the speed of was actually slowing down by 13 miles per second (20kilometres) and then began speeding up again from 1948 onwards. This was recorded in many places around the world and thus there could be no scientific mistaking the genuinness of the observation. The international committee for constants, when faced with this problem, simply set the rate at, as we all now,

300 000km/second, and thus, the problem was resolved for good. No one asked the interesting question ‘why on earth does light exhibit a tidal nature over time’, and therfore, no research funding was forthcoming to investigate this anomaly. This applies to all the other fields of science covered by the ten dogmas as identified by Dr. Sheldrake in his book.


Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK )

So, when approaching the new researches by Dr. Volkamer, Prof. Konstantin Meyl or Prof. Klaus Turtur one is well advised bearing in mind that the direction the research of the quantum field, zero point energy or whatever other label it might come under will take one is certainly away from the conventional trail of academic studies. The findings are often very controversial and paradigm busting. One of the things that are certain, however, is that this journey is going to be very exciting and uplifitng to the enquiring mind of today. It unexpectedly opens vistas beyond ones’ most exotic horizons.

These preliminaries out of the way we can now safely return to Dr. Volkamer’s work and it’s vexing findings.

How does one prove the Quantum field…. with scales?

Dr. Volkamer used several different types of standard liquid crystals in his researches to prove the point of affinity between the coarse and subtle matter found throughout our universe and the terrestrial plane. The pase boundary serves as a sort of accumuator and capacitor in this setup, where measurements originate from. Being the proper scientist of the old school he worked out that it can be simply weighed and measured as some quantitative changes are taking place in time. For this experiment he prepared glass vacuum spheres glavanized on the inside with silver. Over a period of several weeks he had a computer plot the incoming data atfraction of a second intervals. The data were obtained with a a very rare set of scales which works to an accuraccy of 0.1 microgram. The weight differences being picked up by a device that is capable of weighing individual fractions of a tenth of a thousandth milligram also says something about the accuracy with which the experimental setup itself has to be handled. The plotted charts clearly reveal tiem and again that the weight definitely increases over two weeks after all sorts of variables like water condensations, the spin of the earth, gravitational variables, and such like, were eliminated. Dr. Volkamer bizarrly discovered that when a person was touching the vessels with bare hands the weight gain instantly disappeared. It seems the living organsim of the person conducting the experiment had absorbed it and the weight in the experimental setup instantly dropped to baseline.

As simple as it seems, it represenst one of the most advanced setups in modern energy physics and rivals the high tech search for the ‘god-particle’ at the Swiss laboratories of CERN in depth and breadth, needless to say at a fraction of the costs. The scales, the experiment is conducted with, however, cost in excess of 100 000 Euros as opposed to the billions absorbed by the CERN team.

Dr. Volkamer has with this simple scientific setup incontrovertibly demonstrated that a linking in and sepcific affintities exist between the two worlds of coarse and subblte matter. The coarse matter I this quation is represented by the periodic table of elements and merely represents 4% of visible and tangible matter. The matter we often allude to as ‘all there is’ . The other half of this equation formed by subtle energy/matter in the quantum field represents the remaining 96% of ‘everything there is’. And who is to say that this is the end of the story?

Historical antecedents

Dr. Max Planck shed the first light on this subtle field of quantum energy or matter and notable inventors such as the electroengineer Nicola Tesla and the forest warden Viktor Schauberger utilized these phenomena to the full in their inventions. It is reassuring to realize that the clues are offered to the enquiring mind by careful observation of the mysteries of our surrounding nature. It does not require very sophisticated high tech equipment and machinery pers se to come to incredible realisations and practical solutions as has been demostrated throughout the history of our modern world. It does not make the Orgonaccumulators of a Dr. Reich or the saltwater engine by the Quant carmakers of today any less sound just because the dogmas of science do not stretch enough to cover such inventions. The problem is often found with explanations that try to fit ‘all there is’ into the straitjacket of the 4% dogmatic worldview of matter with it’s neat set of laws covering these including that of thermodynamics.

Clairvoyancy and quantum physics?

The scientifc methods, namely the very careful observation of nature paricularly when studying it’s vortexing and torroidal spherical aspects of dynamics and patterning, and the use of a an experimental setup in a laboratory can both yield the proof as to the existence of the field of dark matter and energy as is found with quantum physics of today. Dr. Volkamer goes as far as to say that Clairvoyancy and the work with the Akashic records is by extension no other than the ability of very sesnsitive individuals to tap into and communicate via this quantum field. It would instantly draw out information of the past and the future when activated. Our brains are apparently well designed to open up to working with these properties as long as it is activley being pursued and cultivated. This is based on the presence of a talent in this direction too, but if it is done in a very sensitive manner it should be possible as has been demonstrated in the Russian reserzch effeorts aaround Kozyrev’s mirror.

In most cases up to 95 percent of the telepathic information was received correctly. These results can not be attributed to accidental coincidences …

Qunatum energy and ‘free energy’ generation

Dr. Volkamer also suggests that the technical solutions are available to tap into and utilize this energy. He claims that it is now possible to draw out more energy from one litre of water than all 450+ nuclear energy generating powerstations across the globe produce together. He also thinks that it would allow for travel on the basis of non-gravity propulsion systems. And, closer to home, the production of diesel fuel via a process of vortexing water is now underway as has been started by the Audi car company of Germany in early 2015. It all represents the multitude of applications showing the way into a commpletely changed future for mankind.

It seems all too good to be true but the applications reach far across the entire field of modern life including food production and medicine. Acupuncture and the work with Qi and Prana as in the Ayurvedic tradition as well as the use of Homoeopathic succusion for medical applications stand as older manifestations of this exciting set of discoveries that will offer completely new, and as of yet, untold opportunities to mankind for the future.

This discovery does not unsettle the laws of mass and gravity in any way or shape, and thus, Newtonian physics with it’s far reaching symmetries are not necessarily violated. It is a scale of higher harmonical resoncance that is being touched by these discoveries and anybody who comes up with a vertiable means of tapping into this wheelwork of nature with inventions and an achitecture of design that can be up scaled for industrial applications will be at the forefront of a revolution that is heading our way. One could argue that the development of personal computers and appropriate software for scientific and other applications produced the tools to actually come to grips with the proof for a ‘vital force’ (quantum field) in a debate that has been vexing the scientific communities for a number of centuries now.

Glass spheres the telescopes into the quantum field?

Retruning to the phase boundaries within the experimental setup Dr. Volkamer explains that when the glass spheres are covered on the inside with a layer of galvanised silver the experiment works. When it is covers on the the outside of the spheres the weight would not change, which means the experiement does not work. Quite a simple control test and observation to show that anomalies are not just white noise in the scientific setup. This maybe also serve as an important hint in the question of why colloidal silver works at infinitesimal quantity as an animcrobial when used for medicinal purposes as it has hitherto escaped any conenvtional explanations of pharmacology. It is worth noting at this juncture that the vascular system our body fluids are passing through are actually designed in a way that the pulsations always push the fluids forward in a spiralling (vortex) movement. This can also be observed in the meanderings of natural riverbeds too, which act as living ateries in the tissues of an alive landscape. Schauberger used this discovery in a design of a widely used transportation system for logged tree trunks in the Alps. He designed channels stretching over miles that made water spin in spiralling fashion along it’s downhill trajectories. It sucessfully avoided any entanglements and costly mechanical clearing of tree trunks within the sytem. Likewise, some municipalities in Austria and Switzerland today have sucessfully adopted vortex cleaning systems in their waste water treatment plants and management.

The properties of the two interacting fields

We have now reached to a point of considerating the bigger picture. When Dr. Volkamer intimates that the conditions, and within them the physical structures surrounding us, whether animate or inanimate, are all saturated with this quantum field and thus are pulsing at this cosmic rate too. This realtes to our terrrstrial plane, which when looked at from a cosmic point of view is subject to all it’s laws anyway. He goes so far as to postulate a living consiousness dwelling in everything we can perceive through our senses whether it be stones, plants or living creatures no matter iif they are vertebrates or invertebrates.

What do these experiments prove?

The results fo these experiments led Dr. Volkamer to the following findings that show that the nature of matter is twofold and complementary accoding to the interactions of these two levels of matter and energy, the coarse and the subtle or etheric.

The subtle or quantum matter (dark matter/energy comprising 96% of the universe)

The coarse matter as it is supposed to represent all matter (comprising 4% of all matter in the universe)



Macroscopic unit of mass

Microscopic mass units (i.e. elements of the periodic table)

Macroscopic field- forming

Micrososcopic point-like (defined smallest units)


Time-like (as subject to decay etc.)




entropic effects only

(eg. Diesel: irreversible separation into energy, such as heat/ light/water and CO2 for instance)

96% of matter within the universe

4% of visible matter in the universe

Dark matter/energy

Coarse (3 D) matter

Consciousness quanta


Consioussness fields

Dead/inanimate bodies

End of part two

Part three to follow

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  1. there are so many things that are mysterious,like how can a neutron star spew forth billions upon billions of material a year for millions of years but not run out of fuel. and life on earth. like a tree that transmutes only water sunshine, oxygen into wood and leaves and more. there are so many things that give off energy but take none in. were does it come from. like a horse that transmutes plain grass into vitamins and energy. one part seems to be tree, matter can be turned into energy, energy into matter. and the best of all the zero-point free energy, getting energy out of a vacume. humans indeed seem to create energy and it is coming to light just with there thoughts.


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