Entropy, Negentropy, and the Morphogenetic Field


part 1
by: Joska Ramelow
The expanded mind map of holistic present and future potentials,
or the current state of research on the expansion of the second law of thermodynamics.
The main Proponents in this field are Dr. Volkamer, Rupert Sheldrake, Rudolf Steiner and many more researchers, scientists and philosophers of the current time and bygone days and epochs.

This article is looking at the idea that the field of subtle energies, known as the quantum field in modern terms , when lined in with the second law of thermodynamics, produces discrete interactions that hold a lot of promise for mankind. The theory has not been widely recognized yet, but the technical applications have now led to the presentation of the Audi car company making diesel fuel from pure water as was announced only a few weeks ago.
Carnot. Clausius, Maxwell, Planck and others worked hard to understand what morphed into the axiomatic principles leading to the understanding of the second law of thermodynamics by which when a process like the burning of fuel has taken place the component parts such as the energy are being and as an iron rule this process is irreversible. The article will look at ways to show that this principle rests on a very limited and selective view granted to the researchers of it’s time. Thus they toiled away with imagined machinery on the basis of the process of exchange of temperature.
Wikipedia states this axiomatic rule as follows: The law defines the concept of thermodynamic entropy for a thermodynamic system in its own state of internal thermodynamic equilibrium. It considers a process in which that state changes, with increases in entropy due to dissipation of energy and to dispersal of matter and energy.
In other words, as regards the application of this law to the combustion of diesel, the hydrocarbon rich fluid combines with oxygen during the heated process of combustion to release kinetic power in an engine or heat for heating. This, in turn, separates into carbon dioxide, soot and water, plus heat. Energy released as heat and/or kinetic force represents the usable portion harvested during the process. This, as far as conventional knowledge goes and is axiomatically taught at academic institutions around the world.
In consequence, carbon dioxide cannot be recombined with soot and water to form diesel again, as the law states that one cannot stick the heat or kinetic force back into this mixture.
The handbook and manual for applying the rules of chemistry is based on the amazing periodic table of all atomic elements. The order of the elements within the table are electro physical in nature since it applies on the basis of electrodynamics due to the behaviour of the electrons whizzing around the nucleus.

Do camels dance across the void?
Some researchers hold that it is all based on ‘nothing’ or the ‘big void’ since modern nuclear physics tells us that if the nucleus of an atom was the size of a small pea (0.5cm) the electron cloud around it would be 500 Meters away, that is a respectable 600 yards. This is severely testing our limits of comprehension, but a little jogging of the mind is useful as a warm up to what is to follow. The famous question of how many camels can dance on the head of a pin could be adapted to the question of how many atoms would comprise the width of a human hair or a millimetre which is somewhat wider?
The equation would look something like this: We divide the thickness of a hair through the diameter of an atom namely: 50×10-6 m : 10-10 m. The Fraction gives a value of 50×104 respectively 0,5·106. The numbers in words: One half million of atoms lined up next to each other would be required to stretch across the thickness of a human hair. 10 million atoms would thus be stretching across a millimetre, i.e. the 28th part of an inch. In terms of astrophysics we are faced by the same baffling dimensions but when one begins to understand these so called ’empty spaces’ as the resonant field and the resources when dealing with the horizons beyond the laws of thermodynamics one is well on the way to travel into little known realities of everyday life waiting to be discovered and researched. We have to learn to dispense with the old paradigms as they are still taught at every school up and down the country.

And the two shall be twained…

Thus, in the light of the new creative combinations by researchers such as Dr. Volkamer, Profs. Constantine Meyl or Klaus Turtur, who combine the laws of thermodynamics with the discoveries of quantum physics untold vistas are opening to the enchanted viewer. We are at the threshold of a revolution so big, that reveals the first waves of our industrial revolutions just a mere stage of infancy. The researches and discoveries of late move over to a new chapter in the book of collective knowledge the chapter for the grown ups. This chapter had already been in preparation since Max Planck discovered the Planck Bodies in 1905, so already over 100 years ago. It looks as though the time for opening it’s multitudinous applications has come now, with what looks like the true horn of plenty.
Quantum physics calls this new energy phenomenon found in the void ‘dark energy or dark matter’, depending on the observers position within the set-up.
The chemistry of dark matter does not upset the order of the elements of the periodic table in any way or shape. On the contrary, it is a new all inclusive outlook that manages to include the old parameters whilst developing new ones in the process. So the order of many decades of careful observation of natural phenomena and it’s taxonomic logical nomenclature in scientific terms is maintained in the process, but with a few.
The researchers tell us that the cornucopia of applications includes many new technical solutions to areas spanning the breadth from technical applications of energy generation and propulsion, to food production, to medicine, to biology, to materials research to include as elusive subjects as the transmutation of matter itself. This transmutation model is what the highly decorated and controversial French doctor of Medicine, Louis Kervran, had discovered and developed as he applied it to his medical work and healing. Older systems of thought from vitalism to modern concepts of holisms as in morphogenetic fields by researchers such as Rupert Sheldrake suddenly find an expanded view of rational explanations making for a new outlook for the whole of mankind.

Dr. Volkamer observes the following:

“The subtle energy (dark matter/energy) can accomplish the phenomenon of nuclear transformation/mutation in a low-energy physics environment. We can use low-energy transmutations to produce all sorts of metals without ripping open the ground in open cast, or other mining operations.. We now tap into a fundamental never energy energy resource which can double up as a resource for the production of rare earth, if you like [..] Alchemy now acquires a scientific basis, and thus, be completely removed from the field of mystical speculation. [..] We can now get completely independent from the thought and reality of globally limited resources in the energy sector as well as in commodities. ”

The subtle radiations underpinning these phenomena are also emitted by fixed stars according to Dr. Volkamer including that of the sun and of other fixed stars.

“This radiation can be measured directly. i.e. This radiation passes through the vacuum of the universe where there ar no more particles. It thus by no means constitutes a particle.”
Such is the power of what is to unfold via these new and creative departures that they are capable of bursting each and every one of the narrow mind- and axiomatic materialistic concepts that ruled supreme to this point. The combinations of both offers a mind expanding potential with untold new discoveries in store. Just scratching the surface of these new vistas alone it should make the most hardened sceptic of concepts of ‘free’ energy and an ‘abundance’ in food supplies by permaculture principles and abundant health to go with it, shake in their pants. The members of the human species that are out to carry on promulgating the economy of scarcity and shortages with one war after another will end up with looking at themselves in the mirror and wondering where everything went wrong for them. This is all due to the powerful realization that there are not any bumpy burps and untold hiccups lying in store when old world axioms dissolve or rather morph into a more expanded concept of life within the universe that allow for a practical development of limitless abundance in all walks of life.

So, what has happened?

Everything pertaining to Newtons physics and the periodic table in chemistry that describes and orders phenomena in the 1st category of matter. ( The 92 basic elements and it’s derivatives of the periodic table for instance) All elements work according to electromagnetic/dynamic principles by which the electrons are being attracted to the nucleus of respective atoms and follow certain laws of mathematical harmonics.
That is what we now know to have happened at the first instance of exploring life with a new set of mental tools since the dawn of the enlightenment. Since Newton and later Kekule and others set up shop and took the lead and we now come to realize that they took us up the garden path in the process…..

The second category of phenomena, according to the new physics, relates to etheric or quantum phenomena that one can find described often in old systems of philosophy or scripture such as the idea of a soul atoms of Democritus or Prana in the Vedic scriptures, Qi energy as discussed in Chinese medicine and the old concepts of ‘Vis Vitalis’ or the ‘Etheric’ of the older schools of western medicine and philosophy. However that was made to fall as quackery at the first hurdle in the race of establishing scientific knowledge fit for universities and research stations around the world.

Eyes firmly on the etheric then….

The etheric or quantum energy has been re-discovered and postulated by such luminaries such as the early pioneer Dr. Max Planck and more recently Dr. Klaus Volkamer. Dr. Volkamer relates his findings back to Planck who theorized that ‘Planck bodies’ occurred after the big bang. A Planck body actually weighs 27micrograms and is roughly equivalent to a grain of sand. This is therefore a manifestation of macroscopic proportions, much larger than the microscopic atoms discussed above. When further exploring this with liquid Crystals manufactured by modern pharmaceutical companies one can explore the phenomenon that quantum substances latch on to matter of the first category, which are microscopically tiny in comparison. It has been observed that there is an attraction taking place that causes these two aspects of matter to meet at the ‘phase borders’. Specifically, that the subtle or quantum energy, also referred to as dark energy or matter has a strong affinity to phase borders within living organisms and it’s systems but not confined to it either since it extends to the whole of the 4% visible, tangible and quantifiable phenomena of matter that is conventionally discussed and researched. For instance, the human body is composed of hundreds of billions of cells with their membrane borders. These borders are called membranes because they are not hermetically sealed walls but pulsating flexible membranes composed of a variety of structural components such as receptors as well as stabilizing and more flexible molecular structures made from saturated and unsaturated fats which in turn carry out important functions to our system. Without the 2/3rds overall quantity of Cholesterol in each of our living cells we would not be able to manufacture hormones the driving substances of our glandular system, and ultimately, of all body functions. These membranes have another important role in keeping separated the intracellular – from the extracellular fluids by bioelectric action based on electrolytes suspended in the fluids. The sodium potassium pumps perform this task as they provide the channels through which the fluid exchange is taking place during muscle activity let’s say. They are thus guarding the flux between the chambers to enable living processes in all it’s facets. When we look at the body fluids we also notice that they serve another functions via their electrodynamic properties. They facilitate the generation of fields that provide a perfect bridge between the chemistry inside and the energetic world outside the body, in other words create the surfaces that allow the friendly harmonious attachment of these quantum fields which decide the fate between health and disease within an organism.

Volkamers observation of the subtle fields and it’s workings within man

“The Ethereal World is part of the essence of the man who so directly belongs to us as does the physical body of gross matter. The real phenomenon of life is found embedded in these fields.. The gross physical body will be worn out sometime, will fall sick, get old past and inevitably dies, .. . but the information that one has cultivated and saved in these fields during a lifetime will survive in these fields. For instance, death of the physical body is no obstacle to it’s survival. The only obstacle of it not being realized is during ‘waking consciousness’ due to all it’s modern distractions. But the real phenomenon of life is not the body alone but an animating vital field, which extends far beyond the body and thus makes us a huge multidimensional beings, and it is that which is completely hidden to the waking consciousness. During our waking consciousness, so to speak, we live in what Plato called the Platonic cave, in a system which can only detect theings through the senses which operate electromagnetically. All five senses run electromagnetically, and if something does not exist electromagnetically, we can not see it through the senses. ” [Volkamer]

In other words: The ethereal is not part of the five sense perception and something else needs to be opened and trained to behold this. In everyday life.


Water is a primary medium to facilitate this process of subtle energy attachment and can be studied as such. It was found that naturally churned/vortexed waters of mountain streams and of other natural sources are particularly healthy to it’s ambient botanical surroundings and the persons consuming it. The vortex technology moved through several cycles profoundly changes the character of itself carrying out a cleansing of all pathogens and with it other stagnant or deadly energies. This phenomenon has already been utilised for years on an industrial scale by some companies for food production and paints manufacturers in Europe and abroad. One point needs to be clear at this juncture when talking about water it is certainly not tap water that is well churned as it is compressed into tubes under high pressure and sent around right angles which makes it lose it’s energetic healthy capacity. When vortexing it at home after the filtering stage it will almost miraculously change again to acquire it’s higher qualities again. This is perhaps the reason why many religious rituals from baptism to rain dances involve water. Bottled water is, despite it’s seemingly healthy image often contaminated with cancer causing phtalates and a plethora of bacteria, particularly when it comes delivered in plastic PET bottles. In short, water likes to ‘sing and dance’.

Fluids and the phase boundaries

Dr. Volkamer’s researches confirm that the interfaces between life and energy are always found at the ‘phase boundaries’ such as the membranes of human tissue cells where the coarse structural matter of cellular architecture meets the subtle energies of the quantum fields. So, our body fluids are not just any old water it is conditioned in a certain way to facilitate this meeting of the two worlds further. Even our vascular system is designed to move the fluid in a forward spiralling motion around the body and it’s tissues as is so very strikingly reflected in the architecture of the heart chambers. So nature it telling us something of a very practical nature here and we humans had no better thing to do than rest our axiomatic scientific doctrines on the purely materialistic, and do away with the vitalistic concepts of old as an outmoded modality, just because we suddenly had microscopes and other toys to look deeper into matter. Since Einstein and Max Planck’s days we have come back full swing to the realisation that we had forgotten about something very, very crucial, that is the 96% of the rest of creation, the quantum field. Only the E28inclusion of these field dynamics allows us today to understand how diesel fuel can be made from purely water as a starting medium without any magic trick or sleight of hand. It is purely down to vortex physics as observed everywhere and of which Viktor Schauberger, one of it’s practical pioneers, tried to alert the world through many of his technical inventions that extensively utilized these principles.
Dr. Volkamer maintains that it makes no difference whether we are dealing with non-biological aluminium sheets, stones or plastics or biologically active cellular structures themselves, we are always dealing with these ‘phase boundaries’ where, as a rule, the phenomena of interaction are manifesting. Even the very ‘hermetically sealed’ laboratory experiments or double blind studies for pharmaceutical drugs cannot escape this rule as the coming together of these two aspects are the basic condition for being a conscious part of this living universe/multiverse.
The choice is ours.

Part two to follow.

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