Les Visible: Holocaustianity, Political Correctness and Information Control.

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…but, you knew this was the case, right? I’d say it is less of a worry that the government will kill you before the corporations accomplish it with your, granted, permission to do so. If you want to be a main stream journalist, this is the kind of thing you have to write as you can see, this magazine, owned by The Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s, Jeff Bezos has not been shy whatsoever on their bully pulpit defense of GMOs.

And we knew that the riots were coming. We didn’t know just when they were scheduled to start but we saw some of the preseason action in Ferguson. This one is predictable; perhaps not the time frame but the certainty of specific events. I’m pretty sure you will see a lot of it this summer. The Satanist, Zionist, Materialist cabal has been stoking the flames- collecting the names and strategizing the situation games for awhile now. They are looking for the kind of success they had in Russia, The Ukraine and Armenia, earlier in the last century.

We have no reference for what happened in those countries back then. For most people they are just words that relate to a vague series of events. Try to imagine the deaths of tens of millions of people in all manner of ways; some of them truly fiendish. Those who have looked deeper into the historical record know what I am talking about. You can’t imagine it. The imagination doesn’t have the facility to wrap around something like that in the consciousness of most people. Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought anyway. If it’s not happening to them, it might as well not be happening at all.

Then we are told, forcibly and relentlessly told that six million Jews were exterminated in World War Two. We were also told that this happened in World War One as well, but no one here is able to remember the first occurrence now, except for the quarter or half million survivors of that first conflict who are still around and do radio and television appearances, recounting the horrors of the time.

In the latter event we ‘were told’ that 4.5 million perished at Auschwitz. Then, some while ago the people who made these claims had the amount there lowered to 1.5 million. The original six million was based on the 4.5 million number. The interesting thing is that when that number was reduced to 1.5 million, the number, six million, remained. This kind of math is well above my paygrade. When you factor in that the world census numbers for Jews actually increased from before the war to after the war, you have, if possible, even more challenging math. Factor in the Official Red Cross document for the number of Jewish deaths and you get something around 300,000; keeping in mind that the Red Cross had the most direct and continuing access to the camps over the course of the event. Furthermore, the majority of the deaths were attributed to Typhus.

I am not a historian. Rather let me say that I am not a classically educated historian, so I wouldn’t know and I wasn’t there. These are simply documents and records from that time and I present them as a matter of curiosity. It is against the law in some countries to deny that six million Jews were exterminated. So… it doesn’t matter what these documents and records say; keeping in mind that it matters not at all if you can disprove the claims of The Holocaust Lobby. That is not a permitted argument in a court of law. Simple denial is tantamount to a serious felony, resulting in a prison sentence. The law says you can’t say it didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if it did or did not happen. You can’t say it didn’t.

There are other things you can’t say either, at the risk of fierce retribution and this is one of them. There is no law presently against this but there are consequences. The laws against this are presently under construction and you’ll see them in due time. Anyway… there are far more important matters of greater concern taking place at the moment in any case.

This is truly the information age and whoever controls the content and flow of information to the wider world, controls the world and they have control of the information, for so long as they control the money presses that print the currency. The most dramatic take, concerning moneychangers, took place, so we are told, during the time of Jesus Christ. We are told that he chased the moneychangers out of the temple. For some reason, the same moneychanger demographic was in place then as is now. That sure is a long running operation.

Information is critically important. Real information is important and unreal, never happened, pre-fab information, is also important and one must get into the control booth by any means possible then you can get to the point where history is anything you say it is and you can change it at will.

Someone once said that “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Publicity is currency and in times of material darkness, it leads directly to personal profit. We’re going to list a few examples of what might appear to be gratuitous celebrity seeking, that range from the ludicrous and odious to simply embarrassing; keeping in mind that such people are beyond the reach of embarrassment. Bruce Jenner stated in a tearful interview with Diane Sawyer that he was not revealing his gender truth for the sake of publicity and/or gain. I’m guessing most people haven’t seen this. This is not just the information age. This is also the age of interesting coincidence. It’s being stated that Bruce will most likely be upset by this. Why?

This is also The Age of Political Correctness. What we have is a modern day variation of what Mao put into place in China and which got followed up on by various revolutionary councils. We saw it in the precepts of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia as well. Political Correctness is not a movement to address the injustices of a social system. It is a murder cult and… though it may seem embarrassing to those still in possession of some amount of human dignity, it does not seem embarrassing to those who profit from it, like this lady here. She is protesting her being seen as a sex object by presenting herself as one. I am assuming the same is true of this lady as well.

In an age of Political Correctness, no argument, no matter how spurious, hypocritical and proven otherwise, in prima facie clarity, is what it seems or does not seem. It is only what they say it is. Eventually there is going to be big time blowback over the PC juggernaut into the entropic swamp.

The culture has come to the point where the criminal class are firmly in charge, or so it seems. This means they can do anything they want to, while the public is distracted by everything else. Still, Mr. Apocalypse is very much on the scene and he factors into everything that has been linked and said here today. We are truly in a time of ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering’ and we are only in second gear at the moment. We maintain that this is a year of sweeping change, not only culturally but, as has been seen in Nepal, brought about by natural means as well.

I live alongside an active volcano; more than one active volcano. I live only a few miles from the latest lava flow which came to naught. One might think that foolish but NO ONE knows when and where tragedy and catastrophe might strike. It could happen anywhere and dangers abound everywhere. Time will tell and we shall see.

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  1. Les, Les, you have to stop seeking any kind of significance in the reflection, sir.
    I know all too well, how easy it is to be bamboozled, to be led down the primrose path. Ah yes, for the fire in the head requires a break, a vacation, a time to indulge in the lying duplicity of the end of emanation. Some of us look to games, that hallowed arena of the Mother Goddess of this kalpa. Some of us look to the dreams of those lost spiritual warriors who we still admire with our very fibre whence the Light goes out. Others choose to wonder over the banal bait and switch plays of a society that has outlived its usefulness, but hasn’t realized it just yet.
    Whatever the sphere of your vacation, keep in mind that the true perps are oh so eager to get you to forget who they truly are. Yet we know, all of us, even they, that this is mere folly, for the hunting time is nigh, and it will be a glorious time for those who love the harvest.
    It can no longer be changed. The age of dissolution is upon us. Be well, bro, and enjoy your vacation, for reality bites very, very soon this year.

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