Sage of Quay: DNA Technology, Alien AI and Black Goo

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  1. Wow! some very interesting stuff to digest! I bought the book and have read it one and a half times. I am interested in the extra chapter that you, Cara, mentioned.
    (still living in Bardstown, recording the chemtrail activity daily.)

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  2. The simple truth concerning black magic is that it is, and always has been a specialty of those who believe they are in power. For example, we have the so-called “black mass”, satanic rituals so exquisitely detailed, with such intimate knowledge of the church, that they were obviously crafted by the priests themselves.
    Religion of the Abrahamic flavor has long been fond of sacrificing innocence, a situation we observe as prevalent in our modern world, and the same is true of its perverted flip side.
    However, one must be careful in assigning power to those who practice such rituals. Much of their power arises due to their ruthless dedication to temporal authority, and a willingness to do anything to achieve that state of authority. This personality type is unable to manifest the subtlety required to access the finer planes of existence. Since the accessing of the numinous requires an attunement to this subtlety, it is beyond those willingly chained to temporal dominion.
    Modern mythology is dominated by the narrative of the dark side accessing power that is far mightier than the path of Light. This breeds a fatalism, and a paralysis within the psyche that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of evil dominion.
    It behooves all of us to understand that this moment represents the ultimate triumph of temporal power, and that the culmination of such ambition carries with it the destruction of everything required to support it.
    The great Valentinus wrote almost two millennia ago that the work was to find your light, and merge that light toward the soul of the world. Truer words have never been written.

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