It could be The Ship of Darkness Sails on a River of Light.

Dog Poet Transmogrifying…….

“Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just relax and get used to the idea.”

Some new dimension has recently opened a portal into this one, given what I have seen lately. Somewhere around half a dozen, heretofore unseen, or generally absent previously, have shown up around here, exhibiting signs of derangement. Some of the characters have been demonstrating textbook pathologies, that are near comical in their transparency, before a focused eye; giving the impression that they are being staged. The occasional soup to nuts without the soup are known to come and go on occasion but… this many, all at the same time? I am reminded of what Goldfinger said to Bond, after Bond had gone into a closet at Goldfinger’s home, discovering a filming apparatus, after which he tossed a cat in there to be the fall guy for his discovery; should it be discovered. Goldfinger stands there with the cat in his arms and says something to the effect of; “once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence but the third time… is enemy action.” This would have been the second time, I believe, when something like this had come to Goldfinger’s attention. He then tossed the cat to Oddjob. Oddjob was Korean and apparently Koreans eat cats. Is that the case here? I don’t have a cat but I can find one (grin). The point is moot anyway since I don’t have an Oddjob, even thought I do have an odd job.

Here is something I have been expecting and which looks certain to flesh out into a more cohesive arrangement, with players still to be announced. Just as people in general are suddenly waking up to various intrigues and conditions, nations are also becoming aware of the price paid for having to bend over to Bankers; principally the IMF, at least as the front mask in the foreground for a welter of Satanic duplicity in the background. We are all familiar with the quote; ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.” by logic, I compute that since Bankers love money more than anything else and since, in the collective consciousness, the source of Evil has always been associated with Satanic origin, ‘Satanic duplicity’ would be an accurate descriptor.

Let’s continue with the logic. I love using this tool in its simple applications here and in it’s more complex capacity on the personal level (personal means I don’t have to explain that). Okay… since it has been proven by many that ISIS is a creation of the United States, in partnership with Israel and a few Draconian gulf states, for the general purpose of killing Muslims (a growth industry) and to seek geopolitical advantage against Syria and others but in the larger sense against Russia and since it has also been conclusively proven that those nations behind this vile construct are controlled by Bankers, one can say that this is actually who is throwing gays off of rooftops. This is a conundrum to the extent that Bankers are also the financial force behind the gay political agenda. However it becomes easily understood when one comprehends that international bankers are generally psychopaths and don’t give a shit what happens to anyone else, no matter who it is, as long as it serves their desired ends.

One of several reasons that this and other undesirable things can take place, without much resistance or objection whatsoever, is this startling fact. I said this is one of several reasons. Factor in the others like bad drugs (as opposed to good drugs), bad diet, dumbing down, media and entertainment mind control and programming, both through the aforementioned as well as through other vehicles, some of which are decidedly unpleasant in the experience of and you got all too few of us outside the reach of these influences. But wait! There’s more. However we are not going to go into that because only intelligent and objectively tuned readers come around here, or stay for any length of time so… you can easily intuit other permutations.

Here in the islands, drinking is one of the biggest pastimes going. I’d say it is a substantial avocation, with all kinds of harmful and degenerative effects. You can actually feel a pressure to be inclined to engage in this sort of behaviour, given the ubiquity of its presence. It’s unfortunate, especially since a few cups of Morning Thunder tea will put you in a sweet and elevated state of consciousness, at far less cost on every level of possible result. I see the sad outcomes of chronic indulgence whenever I am, in or around locations where this takes place. You see burned out cases from various comestibles, trapped like hamsters on a wheel and lacking both the motivation and awareness necessary to climb out of this pit of relentless suffering. Here’s one end of that scenario and… here is another. Of course, this second source is a notorious lie factory but I think in this particular instance it is probably accurate except most likely understated. If I remember correctly, Nevada, due to Las Vegas, is significantly higher than any other state. At least it was a decade or so ago when I came across the startling figure of four point something drinks per person per day in that locale.

ANYTHING that makes the public more malleable and turns them into ambulatory, comatose zombies is good for the goons that hijacked the ship of state, which, as you know, sails on a river of darkness. I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I have always been free of the negative circumstance of negative comestibles. I have been roiled in torrents of turmoil and torment, a time or two or three, but I also made it to the other side of the turbulent white water. Now I have the selective freedom of the high end substances, should the inclination ever rear its ethereal and rarefied head; the unicorn shakes its splendiferous mane and gallops off into visible’s superconscious to await the serendipitous zukunft, where some things are set in stone and some are not. That’s the thing about the future. A lot of people think it’s fate and some number think it’s all chaos and accident and some simply don’t think. The truth, insofar as I have any grasp of the matter, in this particular area, is that some things are set in stone and some are not and this is precisely why events and conditions have not, so far, mirrored the ambitions of the predators in our midst. Things are exactly what they appear to be because of power of the collective totality of human consciousness so… never presume that you don’t make a difference simply because of the ‘appearance’ of your relative insignificance among the 7 billion. We have ample record of single individuals changing the face of the world a time or two in the past, even as some are presently so engaged though we may not know of them yet; for good and for ill. Of course, some of the second category we do know about.

Here is one of the key verities that I seek always to impress on minds willing to contemplate the possibility. There is ONLY one mind and you can find the rock hard reality of that in mundane physics. It really depends on how the mathematical interprets itself into the philosophical for you. Every individual mind is simply an inlet from and for the cosmic sea. In those fortunate minds, where the opportunity has been seized to live in this awareness, there awaits a profundity of potential that beggars the imagination. The common mind stares into opacity when confronted with what lies beyond in the within. It is one of the greatest tragedies in this life that so many choose to live in such a confined ignorance of the incredible brilliance and beauty that waits on their doorstep of attainability. It’s right there but… if you can’t see it, it might as well not be there.

When you reside in the one mind, you share in the promise and potential of the one mind. You come into a state of cosmic accord, which is the greatest defense against relative and manifest discord. One has to affirm in their own being that cosmic accord is ALWAYS stronger than relative, manifest discord. What is behind appearances is ALWAYS more powerful than the appearances that rest upon it and rely in it for their very existence. Simple physics proves this out too. It comes down to what you are willing to accept as so, independent of what you might sometimes wish to be so. This is how you get people to wish in one hand and shit in the other. Many people prefer to shape their perceptions according to the press of their desires because they have somehow come to believe that only by this route can they acquire and achieve what they think they are after. The truth is that that is seriously hit and miss. There are other passages where it is seriously hit and the factor of missed, greatly lessened …but it takes particular qualities to step outside the box of manufactured reality, far enough away from it so that another reality can come into being. Of course, it’s already there but hadn’t come into view due to the impressive impact of the generally shared and haphazard, false reality. Only those with the courage to venture into the unknown, come into the presence of what becomes no longer… unknown.

As a child and as an adult (assuming I have even ever become the latter) I was prone to read a great many biographies and I found a great many similarities in the lives of memorable individuals. Regardless of the form their beliefs might have taken shape in, they all shared certain attributes that made their success a certainty, even though there might have been serious difficulty in the accomplishment. What I learned is that what is possible for one is possible for another, IF, that someone is willing to exercise the necessary qualities required to take them to their desired end.

It is because I am fair certain of the truth of what I said here that I am not troubled by whatever it is that turned Jeff Rense against me. I never even went to check his site for many weeks after I first heard about my excising from his site. I bear him no ill will. Like any of us, he has his reasons for what he does, the same as certain other locations did when they decided not to link my work. Very often, something that looks to be negative is a budding positive and one who takes that view, more often than those with another view, somehow come to find this is so. We are all ships passing in the night. We are not meant to be wedded together in a particular engagement forever. There doesn’t have to be any blame on either side and this much is true, everyone enjoys, or does not enjoy the unavoidable fruits of their actions. I need to put my attention on my own words and deeds. What another does is their concern. This is why I recommend, as strongly as I am capable, to be fully committed to what you believe in because that is the only way it will be fully committed to you.

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