The Super Bowl and American Sniper

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Okay, cats and kitties, Super Sunday is upon us. That is what they call it. Given what I can intuitively glean and also draw from my relatively large understanding of the game and how it moves (in mysterious way) according to arcane math, as well as what for some, can be predictable destiny, it seems fair clear to me that The Patriots will win (grin). It just ‘feels’ that way. So now I give you this tidbit in which you will find much humor and possibly someone to root for (grin again)
Yes… before you tell me about it, I am well aware of the sham and pretension. I am well aware that this is a corporate field day; a triumph of Materialism over humanity and the day will be filled with gross and painful examples of it. Why then do you watch this kind of crap, Visible? Well… along the road to self realization and whatever part or portion of enlightenment I might be capable of, other things cross my attention screen. Though we may seek to reside completely in the present, we are, to some degree a reflection of our past and while Visible was growing up and even to the present, he has played these games. He played them from dawn to dusk on military recreation fields and after that in any number of sandlot like environments; once traveling around Virginia with his friends in a sort of reverse of “Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars”, where we played black teams who were quite good and whose families brought fried chicken and beer to the games ( for 50 cents each) and it was… a whole lot of fun. So… it is kind of in my blood. I actually enjoy the spirit of competition as long as good sportsmanship is involved.
However… I bring up the Super Bowl today to point out its negative aspects as much as anything. The picture of Robert Kraft and Paul Allan’s faces bespeak to m,e a legacy of soul deep corruptions and, given that, when they have their funerals in coming times, there will be many, many long black limousines, filled with the wealthy and important (among themselves) and they will, one after another, stand over the coffin, on some stage and talk about what wonderful men these two were. Oh they will go on and on. A river of weeping crocodiles will flow past the coffin. Don’t stand to close to the banks (double unintendre?). Like visible is not shy about saying; {“the bigger the limousine the bigger the a******”
Meanwhile, “American Sniper” is wiping the box office floors with all previous, cynical propaganda pieces. It’s based on a true story which, means for sure that most of it is a lie. It’s done by Steely Eyed Clint who has his hands on the pulse of the market . This sniper killed oh… about a thousand people of every type and then, driven by guilt, I suppose, he took to counseling people broken by their participation in the same. After a few years of that he got shot by one of them. It’s a criminal lie of justification for one more horrific act of mass murder, based on a lie and financed by bankers.
Based on the incredibly popular success of this mass media hyped and expensively advertised pack of lies and justifications, they are now talking about shooting either a couple of the judges or the winning performer on the finale of this season’s American Idol. Imagine what that would do to the ratings. Judging by films made that actually mirror this, one might say a lot.
So… we got The stupor Bowl and we got American Pit Viper and we got John McCain calling people scum. We got Limbaugh saying that he despises The Patriots because they elevate team over individual and come out on the field together. He says that is socialism and un American. How about that? When people can say that with a straight face and have millions of Nimrods bobbing their heads in response, you KNOW the end is near.
Still… for a few hours, I close my eyes to the glitter and bullshit. I close my eyes to the hypocrisy and bad taste and I focus only on the moments of contact. I don’t even hear the rest of it. Quite possibly I am watering the ferns during these moments. Well… let me be brutally honest here. Except for these kinds of contests, I never watch TV, so I don’t know what’s going on there and these are only the few times when I get to see how fiendishly twisted this world really is.
I’ve decided I will go ahead and see American Sniper and in the process, I can speak authoritatively about the effect of it on someone with objective reasoning powers. Now… if you don’t have objective reasoning you might want to skip that part once I get to it toward the end.
Okay… I watched half of it now and it is worse than I thought. They could have pulled this crap off with Gary Cooper back in his SGT. York days but then the world was a different place and Gary Cooper is a lot more man than Bradley Cooper. The weirdest thing is that while showing the propaganda side they also (inadvertently?) show what nasty sonofabitches we were. I watch closely. Sometimes a director or writer will be so skilled that he or she is more celebrated than they ever were in life. Maybe that is what Eastwood had in mind. Even by now, ten minutes later I would say, “Yes, this film deserves at least one award and that is Best Director. Regardless of what he was trying to say, he did it very, very well. I’ve seen a lot of films. This is one of the best directed since “Chinatown” or The Usual Suspects. You would have thought I would have said “Apocalypse Now” or “Platoon” but I used those examples because they are different forms of deception; if that makes any sense.
I see films like this and I think about what I would have filmed with that kind of money. It would have been very, very different. Remember something my friends, you have to live with yourself. Just cause it looks like life is overlooking you doesn’t mean life doesn’t notice. Life is actually saving your ass by keeping you from making a bigger fool of yourself than you are already. I used to say to people that sometimes obscurity is not a bad thing. It’s one thing for the people around you to know that you don’t have what it takes. It is quite another thing for the whole world to be made aware of it. Fame and fortune have a longevity relative to the plane they are on. Okay… now the film is boring me to death because taps just took more than half time takes at the super bowl. At least it felt that way. Now it is trite and cliché. You’ll see what I mean if you ever see it.
See… now we are near the end of the post, three quarters of the way or not; who knows? And we didn’t spend much time talking about the Super Bowl did we? I’ll add this; I watch because I love strategy and I love watching people who are good at it. I don’t agree with everyone but when someone is really good at it and it’s just a game; like football is just a game then I get to see the inside of a mind like Bill Bellichick’s because I am paying attention. I have no special skill besides that and it brings me to the reason I am discussing all of this in the first place. If you have one skill that lifts you to a certain place, you can access a lot of other skills. Once you can do that you are confronted with which direction you will take those skills in; right hand or left hand path? Remember, you don’t always get to choose ‘when’ they ask… heh heh. I laugh because that one I got down. Others… heh heh again, not so much. Look people, I’m no different than most of you. Since I got here in my new location, I have been hanging out with at least half a dozen readers and all of them are of singular aspect. Today, two friends and readers (in that order), Joel and Chas came by and my landlady says to me after they leave, “Who were those two guys? They were so cool!” pretty funny, trust me.
I’m not going to get into mentioning names except where I know that people don’t care. This environment does not disappoint and if even I, on a wing and a prayer, can pull it off it, must be pretty idiot proof… heh heh…
For some reason I am feeling very personal tonight when it comes to the good fortune that has been shown to me.\Today I saw something called “Dives, Diners and Drive ins” It is some over the top borderline intellect who goes around to these restaurants and they show you how they make some of the worst food you can imagine. Once you see this and note the amount of toxic overdoses of basic ingredients put into these things you might not ever want to eat in a restaurant again. No wonder food tastes so much better at home than out there
In many ways, this film has now turned into one of those video game shooter things. I could retch but I wont cause I have to live here. You know? I now realize that it doesn’t matter where you are until it doesn’t matter where you are and until that happens, it does matter where you are. I may have taken the long way around the mountain but at least I know my limitations and at least I got there; of that makes any sense.
I know the Stupor Bowl is just more witchcraft and bad wizards with long staffs and short dicks but if I classify everything I see in those terms I might as well shoot myself. I know the world is full of shit. I know on occasion I have also compressed what I was and sold it as free flowing but usually… not. You get to where you get to and you have only yourself to blame if it isn’t enough. If it is more than you expected then you handle that however you do
I don’t know what to think about that movie at this point. I can only measure things by what I would have done. In that case… everyone in this film should be ten times deader than the people they killed.
It may be just this evening but I feel really good. Something changed somewhere
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