Deep in a Mangrove Swamp with a Broken Leg and a Busted Crutch

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I’m getting a little annoyed at that ‘cold and wet’ maxim. It’s fine if I am writing this in a kennel or a dog pound; then again, one might not be altogether remiss in assuming I am doing exactly that after a fashion. Since the dog symbolizes desire and we live in a world ruled by it… well. Right.

One of the things that happens to the human consciousness when it is immersed in material culture is that it forgets what it actually is and begins to accept the identity programmed into it by the force of materialism, thus rendering this potentially cosmos embracing force into that of a mindless consumer, being herded in one direction after another by the hidden persuaders. Most of humanity is then rendered into hundreds of millions of pinballs bouncing into bumpers that generate lights and noises. It doesn’t matter how proficient the player is, eventually the pinball goes down the bottom chute. After that, all sense of play and engagement in the magnetic fields of delusional life ends; at least for the moment… a new game… a new life… maybe the playing field looks different. It is still on an incline though and the same way that casinos make incredible profits, regardless of the occasional big winners is because the odds favor the house.

Millions of people fly in and out of Las Vegas every year. Why they go there can be for several reasons. They are hopeful they will win something. Usually they will not. They are hoping that something exciting will happen to them. Since excitement can manifest in positive and negative ways, they can count on something exciting happening (grin). They go there hoping something fantastic, at least in the eye of the imagination will occur; they will meet someone and romance will result. They will hire someone and some rough facsimile of romance will occur. They’ve heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Good luck with that. I have never been to Vegas. I might as well put an ad on Craig’s List for a vampire to come to my house and suck all the blood from my body. I don’t see the difference between that and going to Vegas.

People lose fortunes there all the time. They seldom win any. I am sure you can find all kinds of things there. If you have the money. Depending on what your tastes are, you’ll need more than money to get it done and get on your way without hassle further on. The way the world works these days is much like the carrot on the stick with a horse, except there is no carrot there. It is perhaps a holographic carrot, or a sexual device cosmeticized to resemble a carrot but which you would be advised not to eat. In the case of most people, they don’t eat carrots anyway. A truly unfortunate number of people these days eat no vegetables at all. Life long card carrying Satanist, George, Stroll Walker, Bush must have meditated for years upon his opportunity to tell the nation that he hated Broccoli and one of the perks of being an adult was that he never had to eat it again. A bit of research into the many health wonders of Broccoli will clear up any mystery about why he said what he did. I can’t remember if this was before or after he threw up into the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister. I’m thinking what caused it is some wag added holy water in the Miso Soup.

Bread and Circuses… lottery tickets… thousands and thousands of contests and raffles… introductory offers of all sorts that snag you in with a free first month or some pointless gratuity (over the long haul,)… free hotel rooms if you are going to throw away a certain amount of money… Free airline flights… Internecine wars between cellphone companies and cable companies and every company anywhere competing for money that doesn’t need to be spent there. It is now one gigantic carnival of toxic lights and sounds… suicidal dietary choices… hot and cold running alcohol… pharmaceuticals with so many side effects mentioned in their commercials that if you don’t break out laughing when you hear them being listed, something is wrong with your mind and if you actually use these things, something is absolutely wrong with your mind.

Let us address some of the techniques and principals illustrated here at different intervals. They didn’t just waft out of some geothermal vent. They have been presented because there are some unpleasant agendas at work and these techniques give one a fighting chance to get through or around the pervasive enemy action being directed at you. Tactics of enslavement in a material culture are pretty straightforward, once you acknowledge that the practitioners are completely bent out of shape according to any moral or human schematic. They seek to separate you from your fellows. They set you in conflict with each other based on skin color and creed, as well as political preferences. They bewilder you with a blizzard of disposable items. They create tension between the sexes and they amplify the power and importance of tiny demographics of alternative sexual persuasion. Oh… they are busy night and day with endless lies, generated fears and every kind of havoc that they can manifest. They are engaged in telepathic invasions and they are engaged in all manner of mind control; some of it is the result of technology and some of it is a little more arcane.

When one performs empty mind disciplines they naturally evict the mind parasites and neutralize lower register parasites and invaders. When one practices any of the simple and effective techniques that come and go around here, one has a much better chance of negotiating the relentless assaults being generated by some seriously evil entities. You are in a much better position to maintain a positive mindset and in a much better position to get useful advice because the interference has been cut back.

These are difficult times. For some, these are very difficult times. If you don’t have certain timeless survival skills, the road you will be herded onto is going to take you all the way up Shit Creek and leave you in a Mangrove swamp with a broken leg and a busted crutch. These fiends don’t just come around now and again like a couple of Mormons or Jehovah’s Witless. They are full time committed to your destruction on every level they can cause it to occur on. Unless your head is filled with Milk Duds or Styrofoam popcorn, you should have some idea of how it has all been trending and who it is that has been taking it on the chin and other areas of the human anatomy.

If you CAN’T SEE what is going on, you are in big trouble. If you can’t see what is going on, that means someone else is controlling what you see and how you see it. You are not seeing what is going on, you are seeing a fake video where the camera has been shut down and the interface diverted to manufactured data with nothing but false impressions. Experience false impressions for even a fairly short while and you take them for granted as the real thing. Broad Daylight Awareness shuts down the phony data stream and turns on the camera again.

Sometimes the challenges that we face are intimidating. I just passed out of such a sequence not long ago; not long ago at all. Persistence furthers and I’ve been persistent and I was persistent. It didn’t look good for awhile. It might not look so good again further on but “that’s life. That’s what they say.” I cannot understand why the movie wants to stay in the same thematic so often. The most frustrating thing seems to be that regardless of one’s dedication to personal change, one is not permitted to change anything, nor does one know what it is one is supposed to change. Well… it appears that ‘keep on keeping on’ will suffice when one has no effective solutions. It is one thing to be feeling your way in the dark and quite another to have the walls and the floor moving at inopportune moments.

Personally, I have long passed the demarcation light between ridiculous and absurd. I see the same thing happening in the world around me. I have come to see that patterning and conditioning are very powerful weapons of influence. Throw in the natural inclination of most people to cooperate with authority and add in the natural inclination of people to obey and respect authority, for any number of bizarre reasons, even when the evidence on the surface shows those authorities to be criminal and corrupt to an appalling degree. There’s more going on than the Maytag repairman in the laundry room.

Today I finally got internet in my little yurt office and the TV system went into effect within the same small window of time, in a completely unrelated way. It was like someone came in and waved a magic wand. Now… I don’t watch TV but maybe there is something I’m supposed to see soon or maybe I’m supposed to get a little more familiar with what they are up to there. I was moving around the channels and I came across an advert for something called “My Big Fat Fabulous Life?” I can’t remember exactly what the title was. I saw some scenes. It appears to be about a woman who weighs somewhere around 500 pounds and the word ‘grotesque’ comes to mind. I’m sure you can find vids of what I am talking about. It looks like some kind of reality TV thing. It was designed to look as shallow and depraved as possible. I’m guessing there are dozens of these programs running around at the moment. It ain’t accidental. The news is not accidental. The daily policy of church and state is not accidental or coincidental. There is some kind of perverse purpose to it all. I think I’ve mentioned a time or too what my take on it all is. You probably have your thoughts too.

At the moment everything is just out of the tunnel. Maybe that’s the end of it for a bit, unless I happen to be taking a train through Switzerland.

End Transmission…….