Space age medicine, a Paradigm Shift on the Launchpad

part 4

Space age medicine, a paradigm shift on the launchpad

Annotated and expanded notes of an interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, the director of INAKARB Wellness Centre near Bonn, Germany

by Joska Ramelow

Final part of series

Applications and Testimonials

This is the last in the series of articles dealing with the actual potentials of therapy and recovery as developed by space biology and medicine. A system that is has so far been the preserve of Astronauts travelling to space exclusively. The experience and applications of these techniques of recovery from states of extreme trauma is now available to the public at large. It will expand with the development of new and already existing devices that inevitably will have profound effects on the future of health care. In other words, it begins to reveal the stepping stones that await mankind on it’s journey to a healthier and more balanced understanding of and approach to health care, for when Epigenetic comes to play it’s proper part.

Predictive Prognosis, is this for real?

This technique goes beyond the traditional differential diagnosis since it is able to view any conditions already gestating in the resonance fields of a person.

In order to understand this we have to have a closer look at the organ systems and with it a technique known as Serum-Redox-Analysis (SRA). All credits for this go to the former East Germany. Due to lack of funds for chemotherapeutic medications during the days of austerity in the cold war days of the 1950’s. They had to research any oncological method in tumour therapy, with the centre of research located at the University of Rostock a Baltic sea port. We have to factor in the constant production of free radicals in our body which are highly reactive, and thus, toxic atoms with one unpaired electron. One of the liver detox systems normally take care of this. Free radicals form temporarily when we breathe or eat food. It is also known that cooking with micro-wave methods for instance can turn the entire plate of food into a lump of free radicals. This makes for extra hard work for our liver system. A radical forms when we burn energy in the presence of oxygen with it’s 8 paired electrons in the shell and 8 positive charges in it’s nucleus. When the oxygen gets burned in the mitochondria temperatures of a staggering 1500 centigrades can be produced, due to the iron complexes involved in this process. Within this furnace the oxygen emerges at the other end with one of it’s little electrons burned off, but still with it’s 8 positive charges in it’s centre intact. The radical is formed which now wants to re-balance it’s imbalance urgently. When the respiratory chain passes through these little organelles then the loss of one electron leads to the sequestering of the next one from a newly arriving oxygen and so on. One litre of oxygen thus absorbed from 2 breaths, naturally causes the formation of 6% oxygen radicals in the process. This is sufficient to rip holes into the cell membranes of all our cells. This, in turn, looses the cell receptor cites, and with it, diminishes the cells capacity to absorb hormones such as insulin, thyroid hormones or adrenalin. The statistics show that only 25% of the population today have retained a full complement of receptors for insulin, a very serious development. Prof. Edinger states that this enormous imbalance could cost us 12-17 years of our lives. So if we are able to calculate the extent of the ongoing damage we obtain a tool for healing at the same time. With psychological stress we easily form 24% of oxygen radicals and when we are struck by fear of death the rate goes up to 80% free radical load. This explains why in the early days of space travel a number of astronauts died because of their catastrophic fear of death which imbalanced the whole system drastically during lift off of the craft.

The investigations into space biology yielded a method for calculating just such damaging quantifiable effects. From this vantage point one looks at the electric charges of blood. The normal or electrically neutral working range lies between +110 and -330 thousandth of a Volt. When we have reached the level above +110 we are increasingly getting into a state of acidification. It simply means that we have lost too many negatively charged health giving ions. French fries or the well known brown bubbly caffeine laced soft drink are in the region of +620, over 5 times above the healthy neutral range. So, when we look at the biology of collagen, ligaments and tendons, they simply disintegrate in the presence of high levels of acidity. But the exciting thing is when we change the milieu, lets say, in the ligament of a knee, the bits that have disintegrated are being re-fused to a normal knee ligament again. This is just one aspect in the spectrum, an even bigger aspect is the relationship between emotional and rational aspects in this drama. The brain stem acts like the controlling servant or slave of these conflicting potentials often at loggerheads with each other. There are methods with which the conflicting potential can be balanced and made more productive.

Now, to conclude this idea in it’s final analysis, we can measure this potential in the mi-volt range to establish the propensity of any degenerative or chronic disease to manifest 7 years in advance.

We do this by taking a blood sample which shows us all proteins of the body, whether it is the skin, the hair, the prostate, the liver whatever. We then bombard the proteins in the sample with the radicals as the body produces them and ascertain which of the proteins cave in first. If it is a protein form the eyes then we know the client in question has problems or will develop problems with his visual acuity, or is it the knee or what ever else may show up within this test. We develop a scale from this and can accurately know long time in advance what is likely to develop. This allows for a prognosis and curative move long before the actual tissues have broken down. The scope for using the methods developed from biological space research for curing these imbalances offers us enormous possibilities. A normal healthy patient tends to show very big gaps within the polarity within the bandwidth of negatively charged healthy and positively charged unhealthy radicals, whereas the patient with a history of tumours has a very narrow gap between the two. One can specifically classify this sequence of events within the individual patient.

The effort is in re-balancing the lifestyle including nutritional and other needs such as extra amounts of supplements.

Knowing the electrochemical redox potentials for foodstuffs we can specifically tailor the needs of a patient, to move back into the green zone of alkalinity. With this we automatically re-balance a system that is in danger of over-extending itself with a lot of extra work on quenching positively charged free radicals by donating it’s own negative charges.

Lets take some average Italian red wine which would come to typically rest at +420 acidity whereas Bordeaux comes in with just a slightly elevated reading at +120. Vodka comes off even better on this scale, as it contains many more negatively charged electrons, but that aside.

The other interesting aspect relates to the spiritual presence of a person. That means, a person with abundant zest and energy often has a lot more negatively charged ions docked on to the base pairs of his DNA strand. The DNA, strand by the way, is actually a twisted ring structure inside which we find the resonant frequencies at work, the swirling dance of bio-photons, so to speak. People who are known for their lack of ‘joie-de-vivre’ often have a much lesser amount of negatively charged ions docked on at the ends of the rungs of their DNA ‘ladder’. These people can, during the course of a phone call, literally suck ( Energy vampires) the energy away from someone with a more jovial and happy disposition. In order to get into the green area of well being I have to spent a good amount of my time amongst people with an abundance of negatively charged ions. This probably accounts for the fact that many people from industrial countries prefer travelling in regions of the world that are considered more ‘rustic, natural, simple’.

This way of reading the DNA state represents one important aspect where the organic and the spiritual aspects of life meet and intertwine electro-dynamically.

With this approach to medical support an inordinate amount of suffering could be avoided, when one knows that a certain pre-disposition or pathogenic potential could unfold in a matter of seven years and thus be able to avoid the specific chronic condition in question. However, it seems clear that the vested interests may not have this goal in mind when it comes to their idea of an ideal patient who, as was clearly shown in Ivan Illich’s work ‘The Limits of Medicine, Nemesis of Medicine’, would be the perfect consumer of ongoing medication and many side effects requiring more of the same nostrums. It simply keeps the wheels of monetary profits turning.

We have the cutting edge technology to measure and prognosticate in detail what type of problem a person might be burdened with acutely and in the long run. We can exactly ascertain and balance the needs arising within every single person. We can then supplement with with vital substances, of a wide range of supplements, specific nutrients, herbs and resonant field therapies, what ever ,else is required. The vital statistics tell us exactly what voltages are at work within the biological system.

When someone’s’ status is plus +430 then we can calculate exactly what substances are required to bring the system back into the ideal range between -330 and +110.

I have just alluded to the fact hat diseases develop when we are loosing the negative charges in great quantities. The reasons for which are numerous. It could be someone who is psychologically draining me, sweeping it of my DNA, which is building hydrogen bridges and other compounds to electrons that contain light and other information, or we suffer electro-smog from transmission mobile phones which are capable of destroying 148 protein compounds form my blood brain barrier within a 5 minute phone conversation. With that the tumour rates will eventually massively increase. On the basis of hard scientific fact we know that we need at least 20 minutes to regenerate the balanced state again.

(Italian Supreme Court rules mobile phones can cause brain tumours

My mentor Professor Hecht, who had been nominated for a Nobel prize several times is a specialist for just these these radiation hazards, and was commissioned by the German Government to assess the safety limits of potential radiation hazards from television sets, radio and mobile phone masts and mobile phones. He contrasted his findings with comparative studies and safety regulations from the US and Russia. Three years into the study the plug was suddenly pulled on it and Professor Hecht found himself stopped in his tracks and exposed to massive intimidation including murder and such like. He uncovered hair raising facts about the safety margins of these devices and the governments lackadaisical cavalier attitude toward this problem. Even the German medical journal told their professional medical readership that the radiation was of no concern and all very safe. However, in the US Congress there ensued a massive irritation due to the effects of mobile phone radiation, since they had incontrovertible proof of what was really happening inside the brain during use of these devices. Professor Hecht was able to demonstrate that within the German setting the radiation levels are easily 5- 50 000 times above any meaningful safety margins set for such technology. So the authorities can simply raise the safety margins at a stroke of a pen as they are known to have done with water to. Some parameters of measurement get removed and everything fits again.

We are able to quickly establish the facts with a Serum Redox Analysis (SRA). There is the case of a young men presenting with extreme heavy metal poisoning. The heavy metals paralyse the main detoxification enzyme of the body, Glutathione, which we assessed and the outcome was that it’s level was at 126 when it’s average should be at 540 and the bodies’ ability to remove free radical should be at 48 and we found it at an average of 11 within this young man. This relates to a very interesting fact that our genes possess a switch called the Nrf2 gene, that is able to remove toxic materials form the body during the second passing via the liver.


The nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor (Nrf2) is a transcription factor that functions as the key controller of the redox homoeostatic gene regulatory network (Figure 1). Under oxidative and electrophilic stresses, the Nrf2 signalling pathway is activated to enhance the expression of a multitude of antioxidant and phase II enzymes that restore redox homoeostasis.)

The point is, if this particular gene for detoxification of all kinds of oxidized material was not working we would have to consume in excess of a hundred tonnes of Vitamin C per day to make up for it’s absence. This is another clear demonstration of the fact what a miraculous arrangement the human body really is. This is crucial since with the aids of Food supplements we can just finely tune the balance within a person.  Space biology further reveals to us exactly which type of mechanisms require aiming for in a person in order to navigate the process successfully. So, coming back to our young man, he could not walk unaided any more, also his detoxification ratio was very low in the range below 200. After three months of supplementary treatment was the guy able to walk again. The whole system was nearly back to normal again. Here, the second case was even more spectacular a lady with breast cancer who had received all conventional treatments to no avail in Düsseldorf. The oncologists did not know what else to do for her. All her parameters pointed downward and she could not balance the toxically saturated positive ionic charges any longer. After 4 months we had her thus far that via CT scans and Tumour marker tests no more tumours could be detected in her any longer. Subsequently we looked at it again 18 months later, which means we are giving this Redox Analysis to everybody coming through the door high performing athletes and chronically ill alike, since an inordinate amount of free radicals is formed in all these extreme states.

The amazing fact is that the lady with cancer was in her end state and was simply send home to die.

The point is that at the end of this process a completely healthy person was the result again. All the following cases have received this Redox Analysis. We cannot afford not to do it since it is extremely accurate in it’s findings.

Another case of mental disease. One often hears it being said that cases of Schizophrenia cannot be cured. I know it from my days holding senior positions in psychiatric hospitals. I only experienced nothing but the revolving door psychiatry. Schizophrenia is allegedly due to an excess of Dopamine in the brain. This is then being reduced by neuroleptic drugs although softer versions of neuroleptics are in use today, they still impact the hormonal system in similar ways as before suppressing Dopamine, alongside with Adrenaline, the main controllers of all body cells. This profoundly affects a persons cognitive abilities. Of course, when a person encounters an acute suicidal stress situation, it may be a case of using such drugs. But it should never become a permanent protocol of medication. Bruce Lipton, who wrote fantastic books on the subjects, mentioned that a drug induced Dopamine depletion pushes the patient into a new kind of fear. So, together with his mental drives his motor abilities are also seriously impeded. Prof. Edinger, as a young intern saw many patients who were dosed up to such a point where they exhibited symptoms of Parkinson’s. And indeed, he goes on to say, they can develop Parkinson’s disease, once the administration of such drugs have become a permanent regime of treatment.

So in consequence the drug protocol ends up interfering with a person regaining his full potential again and defeats all intents and purposes of a meaningful treatment strategy for Schizophrenics.

The other dangerous aspect can be that these patients, when not encountering schizophrenic episodes hearing voices and such like, can hardly pick up on a normal routine in their lives again since the drugs have left them with a deep depression, lacking any kind of zest and verve. This is akin to encountering a handicap that can last a lifetime. The worst is that the statistical inclination toward these problems rests mostly with young people between age twenty and thirty. Luckily we can show a few different cases, but before that we should look at what is largely overlooked by

conventional medicine with these cases.

The role of the sun

The strongest frequencies that can heal us originate from the sun. The main star of our system contains and emits negative and positively charged particles. The solar flares issuing approach planet earth with a velocity of 4.5million m/h. Luckily, our magnetosphere holds off most of it’s impacts. Otherwise, we would simply be incinerated or zapped. The magnetosphere wraps around an inner membrane the ionosphere reaching up to about 130 miles where many experimental space craft burned out and perished in former times. At this phase transition there are still very high electric charges with 1.4 million Ampere. Enter the incredible invention of nature, 2000 flashes of lightning per second 24/7. There are some very impressive locations for this with dramatic daily displays such as found in Durban South Africa, with a ratio of 4.4 per sq/km. One can observe how people are charged up to a point and then feel significantly better after the discharges have happened. So, the flashes of lightning are very strongly being registered in the Pineal gland, with it’s reputation often mystically embellished for good reason. It contains magnetically charged crystals. These crystals are positively charged and what we need as information has to be negatively charged . This means we are looking at dynamics akin to a magnetic suction. The pineal gland contains 5 million crystals per cubic millimetre, which contrasts to other parts with a density of only 1 million per cubic millimetre. But very important, the heart is also richly imbued with this, and thus, both systems receive the charges and radiation emitting from the solar winds. This happens particularly when we are in the open nature. When we experience stresses they always lead to a strong discharge of Cortisone which creates an acidic sticky foam around the little pineal gland. It then cannot process the cosmic information any longer. This is similar to flying or being in a submarine both situations where we are inside a Faraday cage with a lot of stress. Then the body calls upon substitute systems and it’s organs. The Thalamic structure tries to balance this stress, which it cannot possibly manage satisfactorily. When the pineal gland works unimpeded it truly balances the hemispheres of the brain.

The patient stories

Mental problems and conditions

With this case of Schizophrenia the scans show clearly that the left brain appears completely chaotic and random, whilst the right patterns reveal a little more orderly striations of the scan. To treat someone with this condition we utilise a specially designed sound therapy device whereby music and sound are transmitted through headphones or the chair. The program works on the basis of roundabout 8500 different stored hormonal frequencies of body tissues. In a relatively short time we are able to return the disturbances of the brain to a normal working order in schizophrenic patients. We also managed to successfully treat a number of patients in a waking coma with a similar protocol. The treatment period took 6 weeks to deliver the results. We can see from the next scan of this schizophrenic patient of ours how the hemispheres of the brain were harmonized and balanced in a short time again. The stored hormonal frequencies allow us to specifically direct and target the pineal gland or any other regions of the brain. The sound is just the carrier wave with the loops inside the brain doubly switched. Additionally we are using other systems to balance the whole system with this specific treatment protocol. We have also recorded similar effect in patients with Epilepsy, that were treated for years with anti-epileptic drugs. We saw patients with an extreme imbalance in their brains and helped them within the same period of time to restore their neurological functions again.

We have seen children with imbalances in the coordination of their development and growth, whether within the vegetative nervous systems or their cerebral functions. Particularly today we observe much research and talk about Attention Deficit Disorder or related problems with concentration and focus especially in school settings. (ADD, ADHD) We have methods to work with these problems so that it becomes much easier for respective children to absorb and comprehend information thereafter, always given, however, that the type of information is benefiting the development of the child.

When I get asked about lasting effects of the treatment, Professor Edinger explains, I have a series of long term clinical results from students who had received psychiatric treatments for years and were not in a position to mentally go through their finals any longer. We could see that for instance food supplements played a role in improving the situation, and that with an ever lower dose than at the outset. But the point is, we utilized a faculty of the cells whereby they are able to condition and program health themselves. This happens too when they are busy conditioning for disease on the DNA level with the positive ion load as discussed before. The chemical switch can go both ways. As a consequence it means that the people maintain their state of health on the long run. Those students in question were able to successfully manage their exams in the end again.

They did not require any further medication with psycho-pharmaceutical drugs. All drugs were cancelled in the wake of their treatments with us. Their mental process was significantly enhanced with clearer focus and thinking. Although, there are efforts in modern psychiatric protocols to deal with some traumas of a person but the actual constellations are not being touched per Se.

At the beginning we talked about the relative balance between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems.

High blood pressure

One of the big problems of industrial societies today is high blood pressure. There are often numerous plaques in the vessels, in particular in the vessels of the neck. With it one notices cerebral changes, that interferes with clear thinking, and so on. This often sets in after the so called ‘burnout’. Together with two other centres we observed 320 patients who had taken high blood pressure medications for years, who were problem candidates for strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, for which more medication was prescribed. They were given three different specifically prepared medications. You may appreciate how hard it was to assemble this number of patients with seriously chronic conditions of this nature in first place. And to our astonishment the youngest patient within this group was 19 years of age which extended to our oldest patient at 83 years of age. They were being treated with our methods and food supplements so that it became compatible with the other centres within the study. One group of the study was at the University of Frankfurt and the other at the Centre for Biological Problems in Moscow. With all patients the measured gap between the two branches of the nervous systems working parameters were much bigger than the normal fluctuations. Within three months we had every one of the participants of the study at a point where they had no more measurable and detectable high blood pressure of note. All other symptoms like cardiac arrhythmias and such like were completely absent too. An attempt was made to publicize the results of the study in the German Medical Journal in collaboration with the Technical University Berlin (TU). This, however, met with the most extreme opposition. The patients in the study did not require any further medical drug treatments, and no prizes for guessing why this study ran into such enormous problems, being blocked from publication.


This is a conditions during which the heart muscle expands outwardly and grows ever bigger. This is often due to an excessive lining of the vascular system with plaques and a hardening of arteries and smaller blood vessels. The patient in question was being told that he had maximally three months to live since he plaques in the vessels had become unstoppable. Additionally this person was saddled with a very strong genetic problem, of which his father and his brother had died. He had already suffered a serious stroke causing near blindness in his left eye. He found his way to us in very depressed state and we were a bit at a loss ourselves whether anything could be done for him at this juncture. However, we followed our intuition and too some ECG measurements and we saw that the diameter of blood vessels had narrowed to 1.2mm, meaning hardly any blood was flowing any longer. The system was completely silted up at this stage. Today he has taken up with running, swimming and cycling competing in triathlons again.

Allergic conditions

The inflammatory mast cells rupture and spill their chemical content into the dermis and bronchial tract causing the sometimes life threatening chemical stress associated with acute asthma attacks. This takes place when there is an extreme lack of adrenaline, cortisone, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

When the deficiencies have been replenished then very serious states of the condition can be healed like the case of this young man I like to mention. He was a 17 year old young lad in exam stress with his A levels, who did not want to leave the house any longer. He was covered in a neuro-dermatitis. The open sores had progressed to a type of bone disintegration in the area of his wrists. After we had treated the condition he passed through all his academic challenges and never fell ill again on the long run.

Here is another case of a five year old boy, who seriously suffered from a very advanced kidney syndrome. His kidneys were shedding albumin by the bucket. This is the protein measured in tests for clinical assessment of the extent of the kidney problem. Our entire body available protein levels for our immune system to work properly should be at a measured level of 60. The boy checked in wit an unbelievable 20. Correspondingly the findings for his red blood corpuscles were very bad. He suffered with extreme allergic dispositions, had to be carried up the stairs. The father who looked after him was very down too and a depression set in on top of all this. For weeks this boy was exposed to cortisone crash therapies. Finally, the consultant at the University hospital disclosed to the boy that he would only have half a year left to live, because father and boy were not prepared to accept dialysis. The boy came into our clinic with a sonographic device strapped around his waist to scan for whether the kidneys would come back into a normal shape again. Three months later he did not turn up any more. In the mean time the boy has become the top sporting athlete of his school.

Organ repair and recovery

With the techniques at our disposal one need not ever assume that organs cannot be repaired, or rebuild again. We treated a lady who suffered a medical mishap by which some adhesive was forgotten in blood vessels of her neck. It led to a stroke within her cerebellum. This is the small brain in the back of the cranium which regulates the fine tuning of all our movements. Her entire left side was completely paralysed with her facialis, the 7th cranial nerve totally inactive, the corner of the mouth drooping and no visible movement across her cheek. The lady had to undergo various eye operations because the eye lids could neither be opened nor closed. After only three to four treatments her nerve function had visibly recovered. All mimicry of her face was mobile and restored again. We made this possible with a therapeutic reactivation of her stem cells.

The architecture of energy generation and it’s pathways to the cells

One of the pre-conditions that balances the two branches of our autonomous nervous system, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic system, is sound sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors influencing various hormonal and psychological states in us. The sleep hormone melatonin for example drops off drastically after age 30, which can be a cause for serious health problems in the long term.

Sleep divides into three parts. The first is the phase where we fall asleep and drop off into the deepest sleep phases. How we drop off to sleep is as significant as delving deep into this space since chemical processes are enacted that have a profound bearing on the following day. During the very deep sleep phases we replenish our stores of Adrenalin, Dopamine, Growth Hormone and the hormones for rejuvenation. The deep phases are distinctly separate form the lighter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases when dreaming sets in. The phases last from a few minutes to longer periods of half an hour and come I bursts of 90 minute intervals. These phases get ever lighter toward the morning whilst the wave of sleep is moving ever closer to waking time. The presence of these REM-dream phases where we digest mental information are also important for other reasons. Professor Hecht and eminent sleep researcher measured thousands of subjects and found that when the balance between restorative hormone producing deep sleep phases and lighter REM sleep phases is well established it is on the whole consistent with a happy and healthy person.

South Western and Stanford University proved the factual basis that diseases can only develop when we cannot digest traumata, which means we encountered profound disturbances during the lighter REM phase of sleep. This is the reason why the dream phases are of vital importance to us. During the day many traumatic impressions reach us and it’s echoes tend to stay with us unconsciously throughout the day, depending on how deeply their resonant field penetrated into our energetic fabric. Traumas are the generators and sculptors that get manifested in pathological cellular images. This is not only confined to the trauma centre in the brain, but receives it’s energetic and chemical imprint in every cell of our body, which is why more modern views of biophysics see the conscious sphere not only confined to the brain either, but talks of body consciousness,

In this manner it was an important finding by Russian space biologists that if an astronaut is typically running on an energy level of about 80% ATP, the cellular fuel of the body, under the impact of traumatic stress. Such a the launch of a craft, it can rapidly collapse down to 20% within 0.4 seconds. Traumatic shocks of the same magnitude can happen to any one person within the normal populace, like a seriously bad piece of news triggering such a response. Given the fast speeds at which the body performs it’s cellular operations this fast paced dramatic event is sufficient to program for disease. However, the body does attempt to bounce back by restoring the levels of respective hormones again to attain it’s normal vitality. But, as this follows a wave pattern that moves wildly from peak to trough to peak again, it is significantly slower than it took to collapse it in first place. Given a repeated series of shocks of such magnitude the person may find itself with no vital stores left in the long run and it is often said ‘that nothing could be done any more’. Of course, due to the research into the secrets of fast paced recovery for astronauts who suffered burnout, a great number of things can be done nowadays to restore a person’s fully fledged vitality again . This can sometimes be registered as a dramatic improvement by the person having undergone the program which can last for an entire life time. That is due to the fact that the cells are beginning to program for health themselves. But everybody with lesser impacts will definitely notice immediate positive changes in their state when receiving the treatments which Professor Edinger is offering in his INAKARB Wellness clinic.

Conventional medical therapy is completely oblivious to the fact that within the spinal column and it’s marrow there are bands of massive energy pathways running vertically connecting the neck to the sacral-pelvic region. These are conducting pathways for gigantic currents of ATP (Adenosintriphosphate), which is the only available fuel within the body mechanisms that fires all cellular functions with it’s myriad of protein synthesis and receptor activities, as was alluded to earlier, with a speed of 1015 per second.

When trauma strikes, it attaches itself to the thinner neck region first by way of blockages/muscular knots first and then moves downward across the back to the base of the spine in the vicinity of our pelvic region. Once the blockages appear in those areas they start to impact to the detriment of our internal organ functions. Multi disciplinary epigenetic research is being conducted around this rather interesting point as we speak. We may now understand why the therapeutic focus of Chiropractors and Osteopaths is always found with an optimally working spinal column. Acupuncture places similar emphasis on the working of the back with vital meridian points relating to major organ systems along these ATP pathways. And last not least, the Yoga philosophy of Chasers with it’s micro circular orbit activated through breathing techniques or specifically developed series of body postures chimes in the same direction. It goes to show that the knowledge of the importance an energetically open spinal column and the recovery periods during sleep are of such vital importance to our daily lives and, no wonder it is widely reflected in the ancient cultural heritages of our planetary communities.

Why are sleep and cancer bad bedfellows?

When chemotherapeutic agents are being administered, which as we know, destroy the tiny mitochondria power units of our living cells, it has been observed that the pattern of natural sleep patterns are profoundly disturbed after just one week. The alteration of natural sleep patterns continues into the second week with even more dramatic changes, as research has shown. Regeneration, then, is hardly possible knowing what bio-regulatory science now knows about the restoration of health during natural sleep. This, incidentally, can last for years when deep sleep and dream phases tend to alternate very rapidly and still displays a picture of significantly disrupted sleep patterns even two years after surgery and chemotherapy. Remembering that the ‘Planck’ bodies with their negative charges (electron/photon complexes) are extremely important to us humans when we digest emotions in the form of dreams, we can see how important our nightly sleep patterns with their dreams really are. Disturbing these patterns in such profound and long lasting ways interferes with the regeneration and repair of our DNA which takes place every night. It is similar to the cleaning of an office block, emptying bins, hoovering carpets, cleaning spills, refreshing flowers, giving the company a makeover for a fresh and dapper start into another trading day. Considering these facts, it becomes plausible to comprehend the parlous statistics for conventional cancer treatments that suggest a mere 2.1% make it beyond 5 years survival rate.

Electrical charges are exchanged throughout the cosmos and it’s parts, including our earth.

We can understand the human body as a big system of electrical currents just like the cosmos with it’s planets where electrical charges are constantly being exchanged and transferred. Essentially we can only be really healthy when there is enough electricity in operation and we are able to download sufficient amounts of negatively charged Planck bodies (electron/photon complexes). A preponderance of the positively charged particles due to undigested mental stress and other stressors such as bad water and food and so on, would program our DNA for dysfunction and disease in the long run..

Looking at the human cell for example it is filled with positively charged potassium and negatively charged particles too. There is a sodium-potassium pump inserted into the membrane that pushes out the potassium and sends sodium in, for when the cell goes into action, let’s say, muscular contractions. The change results in 2-positive and 3-negative charges inside the cell after the event has taken place. This creates an electric charge inside the cell which is called an action potential. We do require electric energy to operate these switches in the first place. To trigger this action potential we utilize about 50% and sometimes more of the bodies’ energy resources. What was found out recently is that even the absorption of water into the cell requires energy too. So if you gave a large quantity of water to a exhausted, dehydrated person in the desert he would hardly have any chance to rehydrate his intra cellular spaces if the electrolytes are missing. The poor chap would simply not have the requisite power to transport the water into the cell. Therefore, the pre-condition for a cell to work properly is the negative charge. A normal person is able to generate 40 millivolts as an action potential and then everything runs smoothly without a glitch. The proteins would move toward each other, the musculature would twitch faster and many more functions would be performed. The energy requirements are clear when we remember that the cell performs 1015 functions per second as alluded to earlier. A patient with an active tumour or patients at maximum inflammatory stages do not manage to generate these currents any longer. Additionally, the cells are ruptured and damaged. The patient only has access to a fraction of the action potentials required for normal operations of his immune system. And then, of course, the tumour cell has to create little nutritional channels seen as de-Novo capillary formations to supply itself with food from neighbouring healthy cells. These, in turn, will eventually succumb to the same fate, once they have been drained empty. A more recent Austrian system utilizes Radon charged Oxygen which very quickly restores the normal cycle, a technique which we have adopted here at the INAKARB centre as well. Another, much older, approach from Russia utilizes mixed Silicates as found in the herb Horsetail (Equisetum sp.) and the medicinal clay Zeolite. The powder, when administered, very quickly enhances the transfer of cellular electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium Calcium and others from a mere 4% in most cases to a staggering 80%. The Zeolites push the electrolytes into the cell and, in turn, by means of co-transport it pushes out any heavy metals. This causes a massive and very beautiful transformation on the way to better and improved health.

When we look at Yugoslavian records from the period of it’s own socialist austerity, we have fantastic records of recovery with Zeolites. Together with the Technical University Berlin (TU) we were involved in some of the studies ourselves.

Here, for instance, is a record of the behaviour of tumours within the neurological realm. Because of it’s prohibitive costs Chemotherapeutic procedures were financially out of the question, therefore only Zeolites were given to the tumour patients. Considering that the survival rate with brain tumours at this stage is estimated to be a very poor seven months at most, we note that of 21 patients no one had died at the five months stage, and 14 of these had no more detectable tumour at all in their cranial tissues. At the end of the study only 7 patients had passed away. Another dramatic finding was revealed in patients with lung tumours. The small- and large cell lung tumours are very well known in German clinical practise with survival rates with a typical length of between 3 and 6 months. The same treatment showed that out of 40 patients in the study only one patient had passed away. These are astounding results given that 39 patients survived it. Another case is intestinal tumours which are often very difficult to treat. One of the leading types of tumours are the colo-rectal carcinomas which require surgery and chemotherapy, but again, this was out of the question in Yugoslavia since they did not have the funds to follow this protocol. The patients were given 10 grams per day and of 53 patients 49 had no more cancer after a period of 5 months.

Here, to conclude this section, a case of a child with a brain tumour. This little chap had a glioblastoma of which adults or children usually die very rapidly within a matter of 6-7 months. As a neurologist, I saw many children during my time as a consultant and know how heart breaking it is, when you have to admit that nothing can be done for a child patient any more. Now, this little chap had gone through two surgical procedures plus chemotherapy and radiation with the visible primal tumour still the size of a walnut. At this size the tumour has no room to expand in the cranium and after the surgical procedures the scan suddenly revealed the existence s of two tumours and the child began turning blind in one eye. One of the tumours impacted on the ventricular system of the brain that allows the cerebra-spinal fluid to circulate. It was completely obstructed by the secondary growth. After only two weeks of treatment the follow up scan showed that the ventricular system had normalized, the pressure on the Dura-mater and other structures enveloping the brain was gone and the second tumour had removed itself. The primary tumour, albeit still visible, appeared much smaller. It clearly demonstrates that it is definitely possible to achieve these results often with non-conventional methods.

We had another case of acute myeloid leukaemia, a patient who had been given three weeks to live and we turned it around for him in a matter of two weeks.

Athletes and high performance players

When we consider high performance competing Athletes we have to factor in the fact that they are the ones pushing the boundaries of human performance levels to the limits. This comes with a price. Professor Edinger infers that he used to be involved in high jump competitions and together with his sporting colleagues ended up ruining his own hip in the process. It was possible, however, to regenerate the joint including normal regrowth of ligament and collagen lining of joint structures. But because the enormous metabolic rate of sporting athletes cause them to maximally acidify. Acidification is nothing other than a massive built up of positively charged radicals of the system. The cells that have turned acidic acquire a spongy foam like mantle around their outer membranes. In consequence it means that Oxygen and Glucose have only very little chance of getting inside the cells any longer. We utilize techniques that can ferry these substances with sugars substances that are ferried into the cells without the need of insulin. We also use more measures and can also utilize special sulphydril compounds that regenerate the cells. But we are fundamentally confronted by this problem in the league of professionally performing athletes. When the international tennis ace Rainer Schuettler returned form the Australian Open he could hardly lift his playing arm and we fixed him up again. Another story is that of stress, affecting short distance and medium distance sprinters who form a massive amount of free radicals. The more free radicals we develop the weaker our immune system becomes. and other athletes. When we operate sporting activities on a moderate level the immune system fares rather well but the more intensive the training becomes the more the likelihood of infections. Speed walking of 40 minutes is significantly more health promoting than running regularly for one hour. We cannot reverse the action and fallout of the metabolism. A study of longevity clearly showed that if I run for one hour every day after my thirtieth birthday this will not add a single day to my life. There is a complex set of other factors at work that advance my outlook for healthy and happy longevity. If I consider all the footballers who already sustain profound knee problems in their mid twenties, and their legs providing the tools of their sporting careers. Things run off the rails for them since there is nothing to balance this enormous pressure of radical formation and simultaneous collagen disintegration of their joint capsules and ligaments. We have typical cases such as that of the decathlonist Pascal Behrenbruch, the European champion. He came to us with a massively damaged plantar arch of his foot and could hardly jump any longer. It was so bad that he thought the end of his career had been reached. We managed to restore him in a a rather short period of time and his enthusiasm and competitive spirit helped him to get back on track. It is really fantastic and a great joy to work with sporting athletes since their faster metabolising cells initiate a quicker recovery. Natascha Badmann ( from Vimeo: A 6 time Hawaii winner, Natascha is the iron lady who knows what it means to battle your way through an ironman. And she loves it! She’s famous for her smiles and joy during the race, and inspires many athletes around the globe.) She came to us last year after her immune system had completely caved and she felt totally fatigued and worn out but she recovered in record time and went on to perform feats that had never been achieved by another lady at nearly 47 years of age. Presently the Queen of triathlon is on her way to South Africa to compete in their triathlon. Of course we can extend the working life of people, particularly that of sporting cracks for instance, when certain principles of nature are being supplemented and supported. Then we looked after the race car driver Milka Duno who competes in the Indicar series. (Wikipedia: Milka Duno (born April 22, 1972 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan race car driver who competed in the Indy Car Series, and competes in the ARCA Racing Series. She is best known for holding the record of highest finish for a female driver in the 24 Hours of Daytona

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